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Growth of the second illegal marijuana found in Pueblo West’s home – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2020-10-23 15:29:58 –

Pueblo West, Colorado — According to the Sheriff’s Office, on Thursday, lawmakers in Pueblo County said that illegal marijuana was being cultivated in Pueblo West’s home, another illegal cultivation site in 2016. discovered.

Lawmakers said the changes made to the electrical system overturned them in the growth of Camino Santiago Drive. According to the sheriff’s office, the tenant was reported to have changed the electrical system to bypass the meter. According to the sheriff’s office, when the agents returned home, they smelled the strong smell of marijuana. They could not contact any inhabitants.

A lawmaker said that a homeowner living outside the town told them she was renting a house, but couldn’t give the name of the tenant.

When agents searched for homes, they found 76 plants at various stages of growth, along with glow lights and irrigation systems.

Lawmakers said it was unclear if anyone lived in the house. No arrests have been made yet.

Congressman said another illegal growth Discovered in the same house in 2016.. In that operation, seven people were arrested after about 1,900 marijuana plants were found by agents in five different homes.

Congressmen are still investigating whether the growth found on Thursday is related to the 2016 operation.

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