“Gut Punch”: Long-term detention disappointed by Greener’s WNBA family | WNBA

New York coach Sandy Brondello was on his way to a shootaround on Friday morning for her team when they heard Russia’s “disappointing” news. Extension of pretrial detention of Brittney Griner Another 30 days.

Greener’s original detention date was set to end on May 19. Two Olympic gold medalists playing at Phoenix Mercury were detained at Moscow Airport in February after an arc cartridge containing cannabis-derived oil was found in their luggage. Greener, 31, faces drug smuggling charges with up to 10 years in prison.

The 30-day extension may mean that Grinner’s proceedings may be brought to trial soon.

The next thing in the legal horizons was stuck in the latest news from Brondello, who taught Greener at Phoenix for eight years before taking over the New York Liberty this year.

“I was obviously very disappointed to hear that they were extending BG’s stay in Russia. We have to do everything we can to get rid of her,” Brondello said. .. “She needs to release BG. Here she needs. Hopefully the government can do something about it sooner rather than later.”

The 6-foot, 9-inch Greener attended a brief hearing in a handcuffed suburb of Moscow, wearing an orange hoodie and face down.

The extension wasn’t unexpected, but players throughout the league saw Greener’s photos and videos and said it was difficult to see everything.

“It was a guts punch. I saw the picture,” he said. Feverguard Daniel Robinson, who played season with Greener in Phoenix, said. “You will know her and her family, what she is doing and what she represents. She knows her heart and she does so to others. I have a heart. It’s very sad. “

There are no comments from the White House regarding the extension of Brittney Griner’s pretrial detention. Saki reiterates that the US State Department’s reclassification of Grinner’s unfair detention means a special envoy for the hostage case that Roger Curstens took over. #WeAreBG

— BryanAGraham (@BryanAGraham) May 13, 2022

Ariel Atkins, who played with Greener at the Tokyo Olympics last summer, doesn’t understand everything in the case of Greener, but “I want to do whatever I can to help take her home. Only. ” Just a catastrophic situation. I can’t imagine how her family feels now. “

Grinner’s wife, Cherel, who graduated from North Carolina Central University earlier this month, doesn’t talk much about family stress.

In the news that Greener’s detention has been extended, Mercury guard Brianna Turner will remember the good deeds of his teammates and post on Twitter a few hours later that Greener will save leftover food and give it to homeless people. Moved her.

“Of course, with her in mind, I thought I’d do the same today.” Turner wrote.. “Sometimes free meals can make a person’s day. If possible, do something good for strangers today.”

Grinner’s agent, Lindsay Kagawa Chorus, began posting on Twitter the number of days Grinner was detained abroad two weeks ago.Friday Day 85..

Kagawa Chorus for several hours from the extension Tweet The Greener team expects the government to “use all available options to bring Greener home quickly and safely.”

Others, such as Seattle Storm All-Star Breana Stewart and South Carolina coach Dawn Staley, followed suit, tweeting about the day Greener was detained.

As Wings director Vicky Johnson said, everything seems to be determined to ensure that Grinner’s name and detention remain in people’s hearts.

“What I can do is be a great friend of Britney. Keep praying for her and her family,” Johnson said. “Hopefully she’s okay both mentally and physically.”

Last month, the United States and Russia agreed to exchange prisoners of war from a Russian prison where US Marine veteran Trevor Reed was sentenced to nine years in prison for assault.

He was exchanged for Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian pilot who has been sentenced to 20 years in the United States after being convicted of drug trafficking.

Russia continues to detain another US Marine Corps veteran, Paul Whelan, who was sentenced to 16 years in prison for espionage in 2020.

“Gut Punch”: Long-term detention disappointed by Greener’s WNBA family | WNBA

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