Guys in Ties at Menger Elementary – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-10-21 10:04:52 –

The boys attending Corpus Christi-Menger Elementary School in Texas were well suited for the first meeting of the “Guys in Ties” club on Wednesday.

Through the new club, the school wants to reach boys and connect them with a positive adult role model.

City councilman Ben Molina stopped by as the first person to be expected to be many guest speakers. The club meets once a month to discuss social skills, play sports and learn good sportsmanship.

Students wear dress shirts and ties at each meeting.

“When they see someone wearing a tie, they automatically think they’re important,” said Reggie Perez, a first-year teacher at Menger Elementary. “So if they are important, they may feel important, and it is the way they carry themselves, more self-esteem and all those we seek from strong young men. Move itself to an attribute. “

Perez said he hopes the program will be adopted by as many schools as possible and spread nationwide, but his main goal is to nurture a new generation of gentlemen.

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