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Was her ministry about God or about Gwen?

Gwen Shamblin Lara, who created her own religion Christian diet plan, died in a plane crash in May. The crash also killed her husband and her Remnant Fellowship, the five leaders of the Brentwood Church.

However, according to NewsChannel 5’s exclusive research, Chamblin’s last will (including real estate that could be worth millions of dollars) revives old questions about her ministries and her money. I found out that.

Gary Blackburn, a veteran lawyer in Nashville, sued Chamblin for alleging that her company had fired those who didn’t. Join her church.

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A NewsChannel 5 survey first asked about Gwen Chamblin 20 years ago, but for the rest of the country, get to know her through the new HBO Max series “The Way Down: God, Greed and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin.” It has become.

Chamblin left behind a legacy of false claims about his wealth, which began in his days as the founder of the Weight Down Workshop.

“Half of this money goes to the government and the other half is used to keep it going so that it can help someone else,” she told then-CNN host Larry King in 1998. ..

Weight down interview

In an interview in July 2001 Surveyed by NewsChannel 5 I imposed that claim on her.

“Half and half leave nothing for Gwen Chambrin. That’s not entirely true, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” she insisted. “It’s completely true.”

Still, Blackburn succeeded in getting Chamblin to accept under the oath that the money would be paid to her and her husband, David.

A Nashville lawyer continued, “I hate to say this to some extent because she died.”

Still, it was a story that her daughter Elizabeth had been going on for four years.

“She effectively handed over mine and Michael’s legacy,” Elizabeth Chambrin Hannah told the audience in 2017.

However Surveyed by NewsChannel 5 I got the will of Chambrin, a will that leaves everything to two adult children, Elizabeth and Michael.

The will, signed in 2011, originally left everything to David Chamblin, with Elizabeth and Michael listed as successors. Because the couple divorced in 2018, Tennessee law stipulates that the ex-husband is no longer eligible to be a beneficiary of the will.

Like Gary Blackburn, NewsChannel 5 has noticed one obvious omission in the will itself.

“How much money was left in the Remnant Fellowship?” We asked.

Blackburn’s reply: “I have seen the will several times, but nothing.”


Remnant Fellowship, Brentwood

At the time of her death, Chamblin was one-third of a nine-week video series on greed. This series encouraged Remnant followers not to do stingy things with their own money.

“Money isn’t evil, but it’s a love for money,” Chamblin said. “It was not intended to be accumulated, but was used as a small tool to build the kingdom of God.”

She continued. “If you cling to your money, you will lose it. But if you give it up, you will find it again.”

Ironically, in 2018, she signed a divorce agreement with her first husband, less than two months after Chamblin married Tarzan actor Joe Lara at the wedding of an elaborate Remnant Fellowship. ..

Surveyed by NewsChannel 5 David Chamblin’s lawyer has provided her and Joe Lara to the Remnant Fellowship with all payments and benefits, and the church is now or a former member.

The divorce settlement filed in court details how the couple divides 18 separate properties.

These assets found in our research are currently worth more than $ 20 million.

She also had to pay David another $ 3 million from her pocket.

“Saving that much money means two things,” Blackburn said.

“First, we have huge cash flow, and second, we don’t contribute much of it to the mission and other work of the Church.”

Among the properties that God’s woman had to continue divorcing, our research found an elegant beach house in Destin, Florida. “

Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Chambrin’s beach home has four bedrooms and five bathrooms in a gated community known as Destiny by the Sea.

According to property records, Chamblin paid about $ 2 million in 2010.

Currently, Zillow is worth over $ 4 million.

Chambrin Beach House Estimate.jpeg


Gwen Chambrin Beach House (center)

An old real estate list of homes boasting master bedrooms, master bathrooms and a luxurious library with views of the bay.

It seems that some of Chamblin’s YouTube videos were recorded from the balcony of a beach house. Includes a discussion of Joe Lara’s love for scuba diving.

Chambrin Lara on the balcony of a beach house (1) .jpeg


Gwen Chambrin and Joe Lara on the balcony of the beach house

Returning to Brentwood, a divorce reconciliation just off the church shows that Chamblin had to maintain a pre-Civil War couple’s plantation home known as Ashlone. ..

The present value of the asset: about $ 7 million.

This is what Chamblin told us in 2001 about her luxury home and luxury car: “If you need it, I’ll sell that car, I’ll sell that home.”

Surveyed by NewsChannel 5 “But you don’t.”

“I don’t need it yet, Phil.”

“Is there anyone who can spend the money?”

“No, I’m talking about this ministry — and that may happen. Believe me, the house belongs to God.”

Chambrin Ashlone estimate.jpeg


Gwen Shamblin Lara’s Ashlone Estate

However, shortly after remarriage, property records show that Chamblin began to transfer its property to the names of various trusts rather than the Remnant’s name, effectively concealing the true identity of the owner. increase.

Beach Home is listed as 4714 Ocean Trust.

Ashlawn is currently owned by 902 Franklin Trust.

Lake assets along Center Hill Lake are also listed as Highway 56 Farm Trust.

In her video about greed, the leader of the Remnant Fellowship warned:

In less than four weeks, Chamblin died in the plane crash.

As a result, we may not be able to get a specific answer as to how much wealth she has actually accumulated and why she does not even mention her beloved Remnant Fellowship.

Late Thursday morning, Remnant Fellowship made the following statement on NewsChannel 5.

Regarding Gwen’s property, Gwen, Michael, and Elizabeth decided almost 20 years ago to donate about $ 10 million, which Michael and Elizabeth inherited to the Remnant Fellowship Church building and grounds. Gwen also donated the Ministry of Metrology and its proceeds, and all her intellectual property to the church. This was an incredible gift of generosity from the heritage of Gwen and her family, and the church did not expect any more.

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