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Gymshark Opens First US Distribution Center in California

A fast-growing UK-based athletic wear brand Gym shark Announced the opening of the first US distribution center in Rialto, California in July 2021. This is the next step in an ongoing expansion plan in North America.

Gymshark plans to open a total of three US distribution centers this year-Photo: Gymshark

Developed in partnership with e-commerce solution provider Radial, the distribution center builds on Gymshark’s existing North American operations in Mississauga, Canada. The brand plans to open two more centers on the East Coast later this year.

According to the company, the new fulfillment site will allow Gymshark to reach most US customers within three days and improve the return process. All of this gives brands a competitive edge in the increasingly dynamic fitness wear market.

At the new Rialto Fulfillment Center, Gymshark leverages Radial Order Management (ROM) and shipping services to drive inventory optimization and return processing, as well as customer data and analytics.

“Gymshark’s top priority is to be our customers and to be able to visit the site first and then deliver a great experience,” explained Henry Spear, Gymshark’s general manager for North America, in the release.

“To fulfill this customer offer and support tremendous growth in the United States, we considered expanding our distribution network to bring speed and ease of use to each order,” Spear added. I did. “When choosing a partner, our radial commitment to culture with a focus on excellence and people has become a natural choice, closely aligned with Gymshark’s values.”

Gymshark has seen rapid growth in recent years, especially in the direct consumer business. In 2020, Radial processed about 950,000 units of the brand at the Mississauga location, shipping about 360,000 units during the holiday season alone.

In the future, Gymshark expects double-digit high growth in the United States over the next few years.

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Gymshark Opens First US Distribution Center in California

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