H-E-B restocking shelves after winter storm – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-02-22 23:16:18 –

After days of struggling to find almost anything, the empty shelves are slowly reviving.

Most of us have regained strength and water after the freeze last week, but there is still a lot of frustration among shoppers looking for eggs, milk, meat and more in grocery stores.

HEB quickly moved to a replenishment store, and after days of struggling to find almost anything, empty shelves were slowly resurrected.

“We were able to receive the product as soon as the weather in the San Antonio and San Marcos areas, where both deliveries were made, cleared up,” said HEB representative Regina Garcia.

“This is an urgent effort, an emergency and a recovery effort for all of us throughout the state.”

Garcia says the grocery store is in recovery mode.

“For the last few days we’re really in that recovery mode and it’s going to be a process. It’s going to be a day of recovery, but we’re really seeing more of those tracks coming in.” Garcia said.

“So the product is there, but it will take a few days now to recover to reach the state it was in when dealing with COVID.”

The shelves aren’t as empty as they used to be, but there are still some items that pop out of the shelves and have purchase restrictions.

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“Limitations vary and change every day,” says Garcia. “I noticed restrictions on eggs and some milk, meat, and even paper towels.”

Garcia says they will continue to limit them as long as they need to.

“We want to be optimistic about everything that’s happening across the state. We get as many products in our store as possible and what that particular store can hold. I’m thinking, “Garcia said.

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