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On Wednesday, US Senator pressured senior officials in President Joe Biden’s administration about his relationship with his son, Hunter, and an overseas energy company.

“Do you think it is appropriate for Vice President Biden to implement foreign policy in Ukraine? An influential Ukrainian energy company called Brisma pays his son $ 1 million a year, with hundreds of Russian billionaires. While offering $ 10,000. Did Hunter Biden pay the dollar to Hunter Biden at the same time he was paying his father’s business or living expenses? “Senator Bill Hagati (R-TN) Asked.

Hagati was asking US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm during a hearing with the Senate Expenditure Committee on Wednesday.

Granholm defended the president.

“I also know that President Biden is an incredibly ethical person and never shows any conflict of interest,” she said.

Hunter Biden’s commerce in Ukraine has been widely debated since Elder Biden declared his candidacy for president.

Young Biden has been on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Blissma Holdings since 2014 and has been paid at least $ 50,000 per month. He had no experience in the energy sector before.

President Biden said he had never talked to his son about Hunter Biden’s commerce in Ukraine, which turned out to be a lie.Email Published by New York post In 2015, Hunter Biden announced that he had introduced Blissma’s board adviser, Vadym Pozharskyi, to his father.

Elder Biden denied that the company and the Ukrainian country were trying to buy his loyalty by hiring a son.

However, Biden himself revealed at a 2018 Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) event that he had pressured Ukrainian authorities to dismiss the prosecutor who was investigating Brisma.

The then Vice President told Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenuk to dismiss Prosecutor Viktor Shokin or lose $ 1 billion in foreign aid.

“I saw them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor isn’t fired, you’re not getting any money,” Biden said at the event. “Well, the son of a bitch. He was fired.”

Hagati went beyond the Biden family’s deep ties to Ukraine.

He put more pressure on him and asked about his family’s relationship with China.

“In 2021, Hunter Biden still owned the interests of BHR Partners while his father was president. He owned it in partnership with the entity of the Communist Party of China and his father, Biden. Shortly after the president met Xi Jinping, Hunter Biden’s lawyer announced that he had abandoned his interest in the entity. Still, when he sold it and how much profit he had. No one has been given details about what was raised. Do you think it is appropriate? “Hagati asked.

Granholm did not answer.

“I think the Americans are very worried about what happened. I think the Biden White House should be transparent to the Americans about this. Act in a transparent way and have potential interests. Thank you for your willingness to deal with the conflict. I think you have set an example for this administration. I think the administration lives on its own, gives its own instructions, and actually in its own disclosure. I want to take responsibility, “Hagati said when it expired.

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Hagerty Presses Energy Secretary on Biden’s Overseas Deal Source link Hagerty Presses Energy Secretary on Biden’s Overseas Deal

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