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Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-08-03 16:52:54 –

Blake Hahn (Richard Vales Photo)

Tulsa, Oklahoma — In the seventh round of Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Week, announced by Smiley’s Racing Products, the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series, announced by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, was discovered as the newly constructed Tulsa Speedway. Here, Blake Hahn wins his fifth victory of the season from the 16th.

“Associating my name with a win on a track named Tulsa Speedway means a lot. I talk about my grandfather and he dominating the old Tulsa Speedway in Fairgrounds. As I’ve heard one after another, the name clearly means for my family and to carry on the tradition of Hahn’s victory at the Tulsa Speedway, “Hahn said.

Taking over the lead of National Tour Points, the swap was the seventh in 2021 and the top spot was traded between Hahn, Matt Covington and JJ Hickle.

Taking advantage of the restart, Hahn broke the top five on lap 6. He made it to the top three on lap 8, but the fight hadn’t started yet as Ryan Tims was attacked by Jason Martin. The lead was exchanged many times from the 10th lap, and the 5th place officially took the lead on the 13th lap.

No. 52 came in second on lap 20 to leave Tims and fight Hahn. Chasing Martin for more than two seconds, Hahn worked at the bottom of the Tulsa Speedway with Martin riding high.

Chasing fifth, Hahn shot under Martin on lap 24. As the two contacted to reach the bottom, Martin spun on the first turn and called attention after Hahn hurdled the tractor’s tires. Contact shot him into the infield.

Hahn was able to continue without spinning or stopping. Spin sent Martin to the tail, which pulled away instead.

“Looked like him [Jason] I made a mistake between the two, so I was able to really close the gap with him, “Hahn said. “3 and 4, I just focused on hitting my mark, and we immediately drove the front, and obviously by that point, everyone was fighting for the bottom When I got in touch, I was inside and sent to the infield aiming for the tires. All I could do was blow in gas and get over it. He eventually spun. “

Defending the bottom in the last six laps, Hahn pulled 4.150 seconds apart and Ryan Tims had to dodge JJ Hickle for two seconds. Hickle in 3rd place was chased by Dylan Westbrook, who went up from 13th to 4th place.


Function (30 laps): 1.52-Break Hahn[16]2.5T-Ryan Tims[4]3.63-JJ Hickle[9]4.47X-Dylan Westbrook[13]5.17B-Ryan Biquette[12]6.7F-Noah Harris[7]7.10C-Jeremy Campbell[17]8.8-Alex Seawell[15]9. 41-Colton Hardy[11]10.10P-Dylan Postier[20]11.91T-Tyler Thomas[24]12.32- Colton Galis[21]13.19-Colby Thornhill[22]14. 90-Lance Norick[14]15.95-Matt Covington[10]16. 88-Travis Reber[23]17.5X-Jason Martin[3]18.26M-Fred Matox[2]19.50Z-Zack Chapel[19]20.77X-Alex Hill[6]21.55B-Brandon Anderson[5]22.115-Nick Parker[1]23.9 $-Kyle Clark[8]24.911-Wailon Weaver[18]

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