Hair Transplant Surgery in India

A good hairstyle or hairdo can change a person’s overall look. Having good, lush hair makes one look younger. But there are many people who undergo hair loss and hair thinning after a certain age. There are a number of factors that can cause hair loss or excessive hair fall. Hair loss can be caused by aging, the use of certain drugs, environmental factors, dietary issues, reactions to medication, or the use of excessive chemicals. Both men and women undergo hair fall and hair loss. But women do not undergo balding, whereas men, after a certain age, undergo some degree of balding. Balding is very much different from hair fall. When a person undergoes balding, the hair follicles tend to get damaged, leading to no scope for the regrowth of hair.

But folks out there who are undergoing balding have nothing to worry about. Hair transplantation surgery will work wonders for you. Most men undergo this very surgery. Women generally face the issue of a receding hairline. Even this can be fixed by means of hair transplantation surgery. In the recent past, many men and women have undergone this very surgery and have gotten wonderful results. The hair as a result of hair transplantation surgery is as good as natural hair. One can hardly make out the difference. The success rate of hair transplantation surgery is very high. Thus, one can very well go for hair transplantation surgery without many doubts.

In hair transplantation surgery, hair follicles from the denser region of the head are taken and implanted in the rarer part of the head. The denser region is known as the donor region, and the rarer region is known as the recipient. These hair follicles are then very carefully implanted. The hair is then given some time to grow. Men mostly experience balding in the top region of their heads. The sides do not undergo balding. So, this very hair is transplanted from the sides to the top of the head.

Before going for hair transplantation surgery, one must make sure that one does proper research before choosing a particular doctor or clinic. There are a number of doctors that carry out this very surgery. So, one must be very careful while choosing a doctor. Make sure that you go to a certified doctor who has a good amount of experience in the field. Before choosing the doctor, compare the before and after pictures. This can provide a lot of insight into the type of doctor one is going to get. This surgery must be performed in a series of sittings.Even after the surgery is done, one needs to go and see the doctor on a regular basis.

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