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Del Rio, Texas (Border report) — The international bridge leading to Mexico remains closed as the number of immigrants (mainly Haitians) living under the Del Rio International Bridge approaches 15,000 and increases over time. Federal and state law enforcement agencies are booming in this rural border city facing the cross of the international humanitarian crisis. Read the update from Del Rio’s Border Report correspondent Sandra Sanchez below.

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Saturday, September 18th, 8:10 pm

Read Sandra Sanchez’s latest report on the influx of soldiers and National Guard into the border below.

Saturday, September 18th, 7:45 pm

A sudden storm blew into Del Rio, Texas, causing wind and rain, dropping temperatures from three digits in the 1970s. Whether it’s law enforcement, the media, or immigrants who lived in the heat of 100 degrees under the Del Rio International Bridge for days, it’s a welcome rest.

Saturday, September 18th, 6:15 pm

Felicia Langer Sanponaro, co-director of Sidewalk School for Children Asylum Seekers, reports that she is in Reynosa, Mexico, helping Haitian immigrants who have just arrived in a caravan 400 south of the town of McAllen, Texas. Told to. “There are nine Haitian asylum seekers in my car,” she said. “We are surrounded by Mexican troops.” She said other volunteers “and strangers” were also helping to pick up migrants from the road.

Saturday, September 18 4:45 pm

Immigrant advocates in South Texas told the Border Report that 400 migrants, mostly Haitian caravans, are now invading the Mexican border town of Reynosa, south of McAllen, Texas. More than 15,000 migrants, mostly Haitians, live under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, and crossed last week from Acuña, the Mexican border town of Coahuila. Officials say the migrants entered through Panama a few months ago and are part of a caravan heading north.

Saturday, September 18th, 4:30 pm

According to the Associated Press, the Biden administration is stepping up efforts to return many of Haiti’s migrants to their homeland. Border reports have learned that some flights depart from Laughlin Air Force Base near Del Rio.

The AP reports: Officials said negotiations with Haitian authorities were underway. Officials said the United States is likely to fly five to eight planes a day starting Sunday, but another official expects less than two planes a day and all immigrants will be tested for COVID-19. Said to receive. Both officials were not allowed to discuss this issue publicly and spoke on anonymous terms. “

Read the full report here.

Saturday, September 18 2:45 pm

Dozens of Texas soldiers descended on the banks of the Rio Grande near the bridge and were dispatched by Governor Greg Abbott to assist in the immigrant situation. Many people are standing behind the border wall under the shade of a tree in the heat of three digits. Helicopters are talked about above.

Saturday, September 18 2:05 pm

Border guard agents rush pregnant women to emergency care from the bridge behind the truck. She was lying down and the agent was on top of her trying to help her when they drove her away.

Saturday, September 18th, 2:00 pm

Bruno Rosano, Mayor of Del Rio, has finished the press conference and announced that 1,000 National Guards have surged into border cities. He said the number of migrants living under the International Bridge has increased from 12,500 the day before to 14,812 now. Rosano has joined Republican Republican Augusto Pfruger, a member of the House of Representatives Land Security Commission, who accused the Biden administration of failing and called it a “flash point” for immigration policy.

Mayor Bruno Rosano (left) of Del Rio and US Congressman August Pfruger will be asked by the media on Saturday, September 19, 2021 at the foot of the Del Rio International Bridge. (Sandra Sanchez / Border Report Photo)

Saturday, September 18 12:30 pm

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Department refused to unload two immigrant-filled buses at the Barberde Border Humanitarian Union after the media photographed a bag being unloaded from the bottom of one bus. ICE officials repeatedly yelled at the media, including border reports. Center director Tiffany Burrow has appealed to authorities to drop immigrants — the amount on board is unknown — but the bus eventually left. It was uncertain what would happen to immigrants. Immigrants were not filmed.

Saturday, September 18th, 11:00 am

Some stores in Del Rio’s Plaza del Sol Mall did not open due to the large number of workers living across the Rio Grande River in Ciudad Real Madrid, Coahuila, on the northern border of Mexico. When the International Bridge was closed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection at 6 pm on Friday, many workers were stuck on both sides of the border, so some other companies in this 50,000 town also “closed.” There are signs of.

Saturday, September 18th, 10:30 am

A delivery truck filled with donated goods arrives at the Barberde Border Humanitarian Union. The coalition supports more than 200 migrants per day during the surge of migrants to the small town of Del Rio, Texas.

The water and juice box case is one of the items delivered to the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition Immigration Facility, which assists immigrants legally released by the DHS in Del Rio, Texas. (Sandra Sanchez / Border Report Photo)

Saturday, September 18 at 10 am

Anna Hisantos of Del Rio, Texas, joined the protesters at the foot of the Del Rio International Bridge on September 18, 2021. (Sandra Sanchez / Border Report Photo)

About 50 Protrump supporters gathered near the closed Del Rio International Bridge to protest the “failed” US immigration policy of the Biden administration. The group had a sign urging immigrants on the bridge to be sent back. Not many, as that part of the road was basically closed, but some drivers honked and waved. After 90 minutes in the heat, the group walked to the foot of the bridge and took a picture next to the “Welcome to Texas” sign and the Texas flag.

A group of 50 Protrump supporters protested near the foot of the closed Del Rio International Bridge, highlighting the “failed” US immigration policy under President Joe Biden. (Sandra Sanchez / Border Report Photo)

Friday, September 17th, 9pm

The driver, waiting for the Del Rio International Bridge to reopen, was told to move the vehicle as local law enforcement agencies expected a barricade truck from Laredo, Texas to be delivered. rice field. Barricades will allow all law enforcement agencies to surge under the bridge rather than on the bridge, Del Rio police told the Border Report.

Friday, September 17, 8:30 pm

Judge Luis Owens of Val Verde County visited the closed base of the Del Rio International Bridge, talked to drivers and pedestrians, and said the bridge would not be reopened overnight. He suggested driving 57 miles south to Eagle Pass, Texas, to enter Mexico in the city of Piedras Negras. He said the total number of migrants under the bridge is over 13,000.

Judge Del Rio Luis Owens speaks with the Border Report on Friday night in front of the closed International Bridge. (Sandra Sanchez / Border Report Photo)

Friday, September 17, 7:00 pm

Due to the closure of the International Bridge, there is a battle for hotel rooms and accommodation in this small town of 50,000 people. Many drivers tell border reports that they can’t afford a hotel. One of the teenage boys on the bike said the whole family lived in Aknya. When the bridge was closed before sunset, he was about to return from work in the warehouse at Del Rio. An elderly truck rider asked the Border Report how to get to Acuña from the Mexican border city of Piedras Negras across the Eagle Pass Bridge, Texas, 57 miles south of Del Rio. They said they had to go home and didn’t have the money for the hotel. They didn’t have a cell phone.

Friday September 17, 6:00 pm

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials will close the Del Rio International Bridge to Acuña, a border town in northern Mexico, during rush hours on Friday night. Hundreds of drivers and pedestrians, including cyclists, are waiting by the highway in the hope that the bridge will reopen. Before the bridge was closed, no explanation was given to the driver and no warning was given to the locals. Many travelers told the border report that they were about to return to Acuña after working in the United States for a week and had a suitcase. (Bottom: Drivers and pedestrians are in shock waiting with their suitcases as the Del Rio International Bridge closed before sunset. Photo: Sandra Sanchez / Border Report.)

Friday, September 17th, 12:00 pm

Bruno Rosano, Mayor of Del Rio, announced at a press conference that he had closed the southbound lane of the Del Rio International Bridge and signed an urgent declaration to prevent traffic to Mexico by 11,500 migrants living under the bridge.

On September 17, 2021, thousands of migrants, most from Haiti, live under the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas. (Sandra Sanchez / Border Report Photo)

Friday, September 17th, 9:30 am

The Border Report walked across the Del Rio International Bridge to Acuña, Mexico, and saw immigrants building tents from caliso wands on the banks of the Rio Grande and sleeping in boxes and piles of garbage.

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