Haji Malang Trek

Haji Malang Trek

Haji Malang Trek

Trekking is an extremely loved pastime for youngsters these day. Lately, trekking has emerged as a serious trend. Trekking destinations have emerged as popular tourist sites. The state of Maharashtra in India is flanked by the mighty Western Ghats. As a result of which there are plenty of trekking destinations in here. One can say that it is the trekking hub of India. One such trekking destination is Haji Malang Trek. A weekend trip to Haji Malang will definitely rejuvenate for the week ahead.

More about Haji Malang Trek

Haji Malang is famous as one of the three Sufi shrines located on the hill. Sri Malang gad Fort is a hill fort situated in here. The fort is three storeyed and each storey has a unique name given to it. So, in addition to a soulful trekking experience, one can enjoy a perks of exploring a structure of historical importance. The lowest amongst this is situated on a plateau and is known as the Pir Machi. One the next level lies the Soen Machi which is a rock projection. The summit of the hill is adorned by the presence of a citadel. Visitors here comprises of both devotees and adventure seekers. Haji Malang has the potential to attract adventure seekers towards the religious site and vice-versa.

What do to when at Haji Malang

Haji Malang Trek is not just some regular trek but has elements of historical elements to it. Every year hoards of trekkers come in here to experience a trek full of fun experiences. The best time of the year to go on a trekking trip to Haji Malang is during winters. One must avoid summers and the monsoon season. Summers are scorching hot and monsoon can be a bit risky. The trek route in here is simple and flocked with both pilgrims and trekkers. The climb atop the Dargah via concrete stairs. This then leads to narrow rocky steps. The trek is full of serene views. There comes a point when one has to cross a valley by walking on twin steel poles. The walk up the hill will definitely soothes one’s mind, body and soul.

One must to very well backpacking when on a trek to this place. It is advisable to carry water and necessary food items. One can fetch snacks from the base village. Several water tanks are present atop the hill. When it come accommodation atop the hill, one can stay in the caves which has the potential to accommodate 40 to 45 people. One can even go camping in here. The experience will be all magical.

This place is a heaven for photography fanatics. The splendid landscapes present in here is a treat for a photographer. Sunrise and sunsets are two times of the day when this place looks all divine.

When on an overnight stay atop the hill, a trekkers or a traveler in general will get the unique opportunity to experience a number of beautiful things. First of all the ones who love watching the night sky will have the time of their lives in here. This place is devoid of pollution of any kind. Light pollution is the major factor in cities which makes the stars invisible in the night sky. Thus, the ones who are looking forward to watch the night sky with their loved ones must visit go out on a trek to Haji Malang.

A Tourist’s Guide

Haji Malang is accessible all around the year. Entry is not ticketed at Sri Malang Gad fort. The base village in here is the village of Vaishakhare. This village can be easily accessed by road. The nearest railway station from her is Kalyan Railway Station. Kalyan is a place which is situated in between Mumbai and Kasara rail line. One can easily find hotels in the city of Mumbai both online and offline. The nearest airport from Haji Malang is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Haji Malang Trek is an amalgamation of devotion and adventure. Seekers of peace and tranquility must visit this place. The calmness of this place coupled with the presence of a place of religious and spiritual importance makes Haji Malang a one of a kind tourist spot. Do visit this place when in Mumbai.

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