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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-06-07 12:40:11 –

The combination of 90’s temperatures, air-conditioned school buildings, and COVID-19 safety measures means that some districts of Massachusetts plan to bring students home early this week.

Heat-related half-day is allowed as long as the school meets the time required for students of the year to study, but shifting to remote areas due to extreme weather is not an option, state elementary. The Department of Secondary Education says. Friday section chief.

Prior to the expected heat wave, Vice-Principal Helene Bettencourt wrote to school leaders on Friday afternoon, saying, “Half a day because of the heat,” as long as it meets the student’s minimum study time (SLT) requirement of 850 hours. You may consider holding a meeting. ” There are 935 elementary school students and 935 junior high school students.

These requirements are usually higher, but last summer, as schools were ready to open under a new pandemic operating model, state education authorities and teachers’ unions had more time to plan. To secure this, we have signed a contract to reduce the number of school days required this year from 180 days to 170 days.

Today: Cloudy, sultry, sunny. The highest is around 95, and the heat index is 95-100 °. Tonight: It’s hot and humid. The minimum temperature is around 70 degrees. Tuesday: It’s hot again, showers / thunders. The highest price in the 90’s.

Bettencourt said of schools, which means that half a day does not meet the annual time requirement, “The district will stop school on hot days and extend the school year to make up for the day and time. You need to plan. “

“Note: School districts and schools cannot transition all students to remote learning on these days and count those days and hours to the school district’s SLT requirements of 170 days and 850/935 hours. I can’t do that, “the email says.

Schools suddenly moved to distance learning last spring as the coronavirus first settled in Massachusetts, but most schools are now back to full face-to-face instruction. In March, the Elementary and Secondary Education Board voted 8 to 3 and decided to empower Secretary Jeff Riley to decide when distance education would no longer count towards student study time requirements.

Monday is the deadline for high school students in Massachusetts to return to the classroom full-time.

Riley set these dates on April 5th for elementary school, April 28th for junior high school, and May 17th for high school. The family was also given the option to keep their children away until the end of the school year.

Officials from various districts of the state, including Lowell, Winchester, Holyoke, and Braintree, have announced plans to bring students home early Monday morning, and in some cases Tuesday, in the heat of the heat.

“The heat of June is always a problem, but this year it’s getting worse with the mandatory masking.” Read the notification Grafton Public School has announced a two-day early release. “Monday and Tuesday are expected to be the hottest days when temperatures reach 95 degrees Celsius. Monday and Tuesday will be noon for most classrooms in the mid-1990s and mid-1990s.”

Cohasset School Take a break from class early “Pay close attention to students and staff who wear masks in unair-conditioned middle and high schools,” he said, “creating a cool zone in each building” and “providing additional masks” during class. Breaks and water ruptures as needed. “

Today’s Daily Debrief has a list of schools closed due to heat waves or children returning home early. Three ways to keep your home cool without turning on the air conditioner. And after a series of deadly drowning, safety officials warn everyone to be careful underwater.

Worcester school officials, By tweet Regarding their early dismissal plan, the school fountain “has not yet been licensed under the guidance of COVID.” The school district plans to provide water to all students, and the students themselves. It was recommended to prepare a water bottle.

The State Department of Education recommends that if a school opens on a hot day, “the school district will spend more time studying outdoors and, if possible, provide students with mask breaks more often.”

A follow-up email from Bettencourt on Sunday provided guidance on how the school should tackle the MCAS test if the exam is scheduled and this week the school needs to be canceled altogether.

The final day of this year’s MCAS test was Friday, June 11.

“In light of Friday’s guidance, the ministry will provide two additional MCAS test dates until Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

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