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Oakland, California 2020-11-19 21:04:12 –

Auckland — The owner of Auckland’s humanist hall said Thursday that “the pandemic never looked real,” lamenting the money he lost in the city’s closure during the recent COVID-19 surge. Much more than said not to obey orders.

On Thursday, Auckland’s law firm received a temporary restraint order to force a fellowship between David Eltel, who runs the Humanist Hall venue on 27th Avenue, and a nonprofit organization. An order granted by Judge Paul D. Herbert of the High Court states that Hall must comply with COVID-19-related public health orders regarding social gathering and masking, social distance and hygiene guidelines requirements. I am. Therefore, in front of a judge in the State Superior Court at a hearing on December 15.

In a statement, the city’s law firm said the defendant “repeated businesses of various names such as churches, event halls, or party spaces, prominently, and aware of violations of local and state public health orders. I was doing it. “

“They host parties and events for countless people, allowing party and event attendees to squeeze into indoor spaces without masks or social distances, and for the foreseeable future. We are planning to continue such activities. “

According to a statement, city officials issued courtesy letters, warnings and notices of violations before the fine, but were argued that they had no right to stop the case and call the public health crisis a hoax.

Asked for comment on Thursday, Mr Eltel said he had never seen a detention order and had no plans to comply with it. “I have not received any kind of paper.”

Eltel pointed out what he called the economic needs of Hall. “That’s true, we’re broken. We got poor in the spring. We have to eat and pay bills. We’ve been closed and working for a long time. People were desperate to have events like baby showers and repasses, “he said.

“I don’t have surgery every day. I’m missing $ 600, $ 800. Don’t just sit here and watch Netflix. It’s like death from no surgery or death from a fine. We have no exit. “

However, Mr Eltel also said he did not believe in the government’s actions aimed at limiting COVID-19 and its spread. “The pandemic didn’t seem real to us. I didn’t know anyone who was sick or dying,” he said. “Basically, it looked like some kind of scam. Why do I need to shut down in the face of a fake event?”

According to data compiled by the news agency, there were about 1,000 new cases of coronavirus recorded around the Bay Area on Wednesday, with hospitalizations up 37% last week. On Thursday, authorities announced a curfew aimed at preventing people from gathering in ways that could further spread the disease.

In an interview with the Bay Area newsgroup on Thursday, Eltel provided an unsupported belief about COVID-19 and the “globalist.”

He denied the enforcement of health order requirements at hall events, saying, “We left it to the people, where some thought it was nonsense and they didn’t. Masks and They didn’t try to impose anything on them when it came to social distance. “

“People who are upset feel that we are endangering the health of their communities,” Eltel said, as well as “almost every day, a tremendous amount of supportive calls.” He said he had received a phone call that threatened his safety.

In a statement, Auckland city lawyer Barbara J. Parker said, “It’s rare for so many people to struggle to protect public health.”

“The impact of COVID-19 has been disproportionate to blacks, Latino Americans, Asians, other people of color, people with disabilities, and other communities that have historically been marginalized and sacrificed by discrimination. “I will.” The statement continued. “People and organizations [d]In this case, the Efendant refuses to comply with public health orders, further jeopardizing already disproportionately affected communities. “

It was not immediately clear how the order would be enforced if the hall continued to hold the event. A spokesperson for the Auckland police, who was asked to comment, introduced a statement from a city lawyer to reporters. A spokesperson for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to the call for comment.

Officials in Santa Clara County have fought similar to the Calvary Chapel, which has fought to continue its service throughout the year. The church has fined approximately $ 350,000 for providing services against the county’s restrictions on indoor meetings.

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Hall owner says he’ll defy judge’s order to close amid pandemic Source link Hall owner says he’ll defy judge’s order to close amid pandemic

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