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Halloween Word Game-New York Times

There are 19 Halloween-themed words and phrases waiting for you on the grid here. If you draw a line connecting the letters, 10 hidden images will be displayed.

Follow the basic rules of word search to find them.

credit…Andrew Dore and Sam von Ehren

You are looking for (no punctuation with one exception):

Words: Halloween; Eyeball; Poltergeist; Abracadabra; Boo; Ideal Man; Living; Tombstone; Medicine.

Phrase: Jack O Lantern; Legend of Sleepy Hollow; Throw away all your hopes entering here. Frankenstein or modern Prometheus; Bram Stalkers Dracula; Labor and Trouble; Burns and Cauldron Foam; Sit on the door of my room. When the witch was worried. By deceiving or treating the smell of your feet, you can make something delicious.

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