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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — “I feel great. I feel great. It’s great because this is my dream role in a dream show with my dream cast.”

Eadred Utomi is excited to return to stage after the pandemic has stopped the live theater for several months.

He plays Alexander Hamilton in Tour Broadway Productions in Hamilton, an award-winning musical about the founding father who revolutionized the theater.

“I think one of the reasons it’s become more prominent is to put colored people in roles that aren’t usually seen. That’s why I was first attracted to it,” Utsumi said. Told.

Utsumi believes that musicals have something to do with everyone.

“There are ballads, old musical theater standards, hip-hop lovers have rap, historians have history, everything is a little bit, and in it is love, sadness and heritage. Below is a very human story, which is what people are interested in or experience in their lives, “Utsumi explained.

This is a role that Utsumi has been working on for a long time.

He sees much of himself in character, especially admiring Hamilton’s self-awareness and ambition.

“He doesn’t apologize for who he is. He understands he’s a bull in a pottery store and doesn’t apologize for it. He may know that. Maybe he might even be like “OK, I have to tone it down there”, but he said “No, I’m trying to do whatever I want I’m going to do what I’m doing, it’s like “I can’t stop it,” Utsumi said.

Hamilton will be arriving at the Orpheum Theater on October 26th for a three-week performance.

Don’t throw away your shots when you get your ticket. There are still plenty of great seats available for as low as $ 49.

“I think going out at night in the theater is to exhale the very necessary breath that we all need. So come out, breathe with us, experience the story. I think we can overcome the story a little bit, “Utsumi said.

Omaha Performing Arts says it will offer a special surprise to those who come to the costumed October 31st show.

Hamilton tickets can be found here.

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