Hammerhead worms spotted in Northeast Ohio – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2022-05-16 19:46:57 –

Portage County, Ohio (WJW) — A ferociously named invasive species was found in northeastern Ohio.

Sam McCoy was out in the backyard of Galet’s Building on Saturday and found some Bipaliinae under the timber.

“I knew exactly what they were,” McCoy said, saying he saw a warning about the worm from nearby. Trumbull County A few days ago.

McCoy said he had killed all the worms he found, but this species is reported to be difficult to remove.

The Ohio State University Extension Trumbull County posted on Facebook last week that people living there also found Bipaliinae in their property. The group told people that the safest way to kill worms is to use salt or rubbing alcohol.

“Don’t cut them”, OSU extension Said in the post. “Since Bipaliinae can reproduce asexually, if you try to cut it in half and kill it, you will have two Bipaliinae.”

Predator worms allegedly eat other worms (including earthworms). Play an important role It also preys on snails and slugs (in soil ecosystems). In addition to this, alien-looking Bipaliinae can stimulate humans in one or more ways.

“Some people have been reported to be sensitive to the mucus they secrete,” said the OSU extension. “Therefore, it is advisable not to handle them without gloves.”

Worms that produce neurotoxins similar to those found in blowfish are reportedly derived from a more tropical climate. Believed Introduced all over the world thanks to the shipment of soil and potted plants North Carolina State University said.

Hammerhead worms spotted in Northeast Ohio Source link Hammerhead worms spotted in Northeast Ohio

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