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Hand hiker Mandy Horvath opens up ahead of Mt. Kilimanjaro hike – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-06-22 17:31:41 –

Colorado Springs, Colorado (KKTV)-Colorado Springs-based amputee Mandiholbus is on his way to a mountain hike to set a world record. Kilimanjaro, but her journey has not been freed from challenges.

Horvath first caught the eye when he hiked Manitou Incline by hand in 2018. She has also climbed Pikes Peak twice. On June 10, she set out to reach the highest point in Africa, the summit. Kilimanjaro. If she completes the trek to the summit and returns, she will be the first woman in the world known to have crawled to the summit of one of the eight summits in the world. She expects the round trip to take 10-14 days.

“If I’m a little nervous and not afraid, I think something is wrong,” Holbus said with a laugh. “Sure, the nerves are there, but I’m confident in my team. I’m confident in the guides we have.”

Horvath lost his leg at the age of only 21 when he was hit by a train in 2014.

“I suspect I was incapacitated by date rape drugs,” Horvath explained on the night of the accident. She then says she was depressed and fought alcoholism in the next few years. In 2018, she was arrested in Colorado Springs for drunk driving and assault.

“I’m not my past,” Holbus replied when asked what he wanted people to know about her. Thanks to her own initiative for counseling and education, Horvath is now calm for three years. “It feels great, it feels great,” she said.

The summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is more than 5,000 feet higher than the summit of Pikes Peak, the highest peak Holbus has ever reached. She has 40 pairs of gloves for the trip.

When asked if her arms were tired, Holbus said it was her least worried. She said hiking by hand requires more mental stamina than anything else. “Things can be accomplished and things can be overcome,” she said.

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Hand hiker Mandy Horvath opens up ahead of Mt. Kilimanjaro hike Source link Hand hiker Mandy Horvath opens up ahead of Mt. Kilimanjaro hike

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