Hannah Burner exits “Summer House” and leaves “Bravo Chat Room”

Goodbye Bravo! Hannah Burner She announced she wouldn’t return Bravo chat room Following her exit Summer house Earlier this year.

“Hello my loved ones, I will never return to the host Chat room This season. It was a dream that she had the opportunity to talk about all the first women in Bravo. We’re very proud of the 42 episodes we shot, “said a 29-year-old former reality star on Wednesday, July 21st, on Instagram Stories. “Because I won’t come back Summer houseIt didn’t make sense for me to come back, as this is a chapter nearing the end of my life. “

Hannah Burner in her Instagram story. Courtesy Hannah Burner / Instagram

Comedian she said in May Decided to leave Summer house After 3 seasons.. She initially participated in Season 3 of 2019 in a series that followed a group of friends spending the summer in the Hamptons. After that, she was selected as one of the four co-sponsors. Bravo chat room along with Gisele Bryant, Porsha Williams And Kate Chastain..

The· Under the deck Alum, 38, Also finished the show Before the end of the first season of February, she helped with the creation and subsequent production.A few months later she was herself I had a hard time with her co-sponsor In an exclusive interview with We weekly..

“rear Summer house Over the season, I think Hannah’s character has become more apparent. And I think Porsha’s personality has become a little more apparent as recently as last week, “Kate said in May. “It was such a tragic experience that I didn’t even like to think about it, but when people ask, I’m glad I’m polite and obliged to answer.”

After that, she added:[Hannah] I chose not to be friends early on Chat room Shooting experience. “

Hannah Burner does not return to

Hannah Burner. MJ Photo / Shutterstock

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin said earlier as part of her We In March when she made friends with Kate. Nevertheless, Hannah left the yacht retired from her Instagram story acknowledgments on Wednesday.

“I would like to thank Bravo for believing in me and my co-sponsor Gisele. [SIC] And Porsha was a very nice person. It’s great to work and collaborate every week, “she writes. “You inspire me more than you know. I can’t wait to watch and support you as a fan.”

A New York native who previously quoted her decision to pursue a comedy career as a reason to leave Summer houseEnded her message by encouraging fans to buy tickets for her next stand-up tour.

“See me living in a city near you,” she wrote.

In addition to wanting to pursue comedy, Hannah said she felt “stopped growing” earlier this month. Summer house Following her February engagement To Devi shop..

“When you have a real, real, real relationship Very difficult to appear on reality TV with themThis is especially true for ensemble casts, not for two shows, “she said when she appeared on the Shady S-t podcast. “Everyone has their own motives and things, so I don’t think it’s worth establishing my relationship.”

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Hannah Burner exits “Summer House” and leaves “Bravo Chat Room”

Source link Hannah Burner exits “Summer House” and leaves “Bravo Chat Room”

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