Happy Seed pop-up founders to open full-service vegan restaurant, La Semilla – Atlanta, Georgia

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Happy Seed and La Semilla founders Sophia Marchese and Reid Trapani

Courtesy of Huff and Company.

Courtesy of Huff and Company.

Sophia Marchese and Reid Trapani have founded a vegan catering company. Happy seed, We aim to deliver vegan food to everyone in 2018.After discovering the niche nature of vegan catering, they focused primarily on weekly pop-ups. Mano When Buena Bida In Old Force Ward. After gaining considerable support, the duo signed a lease for a full-service vegan restaurant called La Semilla, the first physical store to open in March 2022. (Until then, the HappySeed popup will continue. Several times a month at AMano on Monday.)

Located in Modeler Reynolds Town alongside health-focused spots Embegan and Clean Juice, La Semira (“seed” in Spanish) is a Latin-style vegan favorite craft cocktail that Happy Seed fans have come to love. Items that can be served or shared with other seasonal dishes. Like all Happy Seed products, La Semira’s menu consists entirely of homemade products, from dairy and meat substitutes.

“We want to make sure we serve food that knows what’s in it,” says Marquese.

We told her to learn more.


Courtesy of Huff and Company.


Courtesy of Huff and Company.

Happy Seed already has followers, so what made you decide to open a new restaurant under a different name?
Our ultimate goal is to have Happy Seed as the parent company and open up the concept under it. La Semilla is a Happy Seed concept. Our intention is to sow the Atlanta restaurant industry and show people that they have a great dining experience that is all vegan.

We don’t want anyone to think you have to eat this way. We want food to endorse itself.

How is food different from pop-up ones?
There is a sense of season as a whole. We offer classic items such as crispy Seitan beef flaps, empanadas, tamales, Cuban sandwiches, and Cuban burritos. There are additional items still under development, such as the masa section of the menu with huaraches.

The menu is divided into sections such as shareable items and desserts such as masa, handheld and churros. Our chocolate octopus may be special because it is quite labor intensive.

We serve dinner only for the first few months and brunch on weekends. We will prepare traditional Latin breakfast items, but will not use eggs or dairy products.

Choco octopus

Tell us about your bar program.
We offer 7 to 8 kinds of standard cocktails, mainly mezcal tequila. Our wines come from Latin countries. A carefully selected list of natural and biodynamic wines. Beer makes a local brand stand out. It’s all canned.

What does La Semilla look like and how does it feel?
It is open and airy, and many plants are planted. It fits in 75 seats, including a covered patio. It will be pretty casual.

What do you think about being so close to another vegan concept?
Envegan is a counter service. Our concept is a chef-led concept with a full drink program. I’m excited to be able to stop by and have lunch there.

Pivil and Carnea Sada

Courtesy of Huff and Company.

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