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Unless you’re a Hollywood insider, you’ve never heard of Larkin Campbell, but you’ve probably seen him. He was the victim of the murder in the episode “CSI: NY” and the sad dad in the episode “Grey’s Anatomy”, the “background actor” in the scenes of “Seinfeld” and “NYPD Blue”.He played HR Haldeman in Clint Eastwood J. Edgar.. You get a photo — the face of many crowded sets, not the stars.

Campbell writes an autobiography focusing on his quarter century in Hollywood.of View from the middle: how an unknown actor could stay that wayCampbell arrived in Los Angeles in 1991. His drama teacher said he was talented, and maybe he was talented, but he also knew that tenacity, and an intangible element of luck, was essential.

Of course, luck is often a product of tenacity. Campbell met his wife Maria, who worked for several big movie crews, by hanging out and enduring her initial lack of interest. He is lucky and has a good marriage. Otherwise, in his first decade in Hollywood, the three spent as runners in various productions.He fetched morning tea for Cameron Diaz Last Supper— A much more fun gig than Roseanne Barr’s PA (he turned that horror show into his only article National Enquirer). Four years have passed before his first audition as “Guy in the Bar” in the short-lived series “Live Shot”. Joining the Screen Actors Guild of America was like joining the Illuminati.

From the beginning, Campbell realized that the people you knew were just as important as they were there when the work started (he just didn’t know many of the most important players. ). His life at the glorious end of the gig economy led to the moment of screen time with Mel Gibson and Steve Carell, and weeks of waiting without seeing his salary.

Campbell’s masochistic story will be interesting to everyone on the screen: nurses who don’t play a role in the ER, passers-by at crime scenes, and anyone who has wondered about the corpse. In the end, Campbell chucks it to become a stay-at-home husband and plays the greatest role in his life as a father.

David Rulesen

David Luhrssen spoke at UWM and MIAD. He is the author of the Vietnam War movie, the encyclopedia of classic rock, and the Hammer of the Gods: The Thule Society and the birth of Nazism.

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July 1, 2022

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