Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 announced

Harley-Davidson is known for many things — a large V-twin engine dripping in chrome, heavyweight touring motorcycle, Leather — but they are certainly not known for jumping into a completely new market segment. The brand new Pan America 1250 challenges that recognition. This is a clean-seat adventure touring motorcycle, even with a V-twin, it’s liquid-cooled, producing 150 horsepower, 94 lb-ft torque, a 9,500 rpm redline, and a “wide power band.” It is tuned to build into a rush of high RPM power. “

Its 60 degrees, 1,250 cubic centimeters, double overhead cam engine Stressed members The front frame, mid frame and tail section are bolted directly to form the chassis. The cast aluminum swingarm extends the wheelbase to 62.2 inches. It’s only 0.5 inches longer than the wheelbase. Ducati Multi Strada V4.. Cast aluminum wheels are 19 inches at the front and 17 inches at the rear. The seat height is adjusted between 34.2 inches at the low position and 35.2 inches at the high position.

The high-end Pan America 1250 special model (pictured above) features electronically adjustable semi-active front and rear suspension. Tire pressure monitoring, Steering damper, center stand, brush guard and skid plate, adjustable rear brake pedal, adaptive front headlights, hand grip with heater. The electronic suspension automatically drops the bike when stationary and restores it during exercise.

Michelin Scorcher Adventure tires designed specifically for Pan America are standard equipment, and Michelin Anaky Wild tires with a more aggressive tread pattern are also offered. Tubeless race wheels are also provided.

The radial monoblock 4-piston brake caliper was co-developed with Brembo. The 47mm inverted front fork and rear shock are supplied by Showa and provide 7.48 inch travel on both ends. The slanted 6.8-inch touchscreen display features Bluetooth connectivity and navigation via the app provided for Apple and Android phones.

Choose from road, sport, rain, off-road, and off-road plus ride modes, each tailoring your bike’s electronics package to suit your rider and terrain needs. The Pan America 1250 features an inertial measurement unit (IMU) -dependent cornering rider safety enhancement feature: cornering enhanced electronic link brakes, cornering enhanced antilock braking system, cornering enhanced traction control system, cornering enhanced drag torque slip. Control system and hill hold control. Cruise control is standard equipment.

The Pan America 1250 starts at $ 17,319 and falls below the Multi-Strada V4 (more powerful with 170 ponies from a 4-cylinder engine, but this is a clear competitor). The special edition model costs $ 19,999.Both arrive dealer This spring. Not surprisingly, a variety of accessories such as luggage options, seats and windshields will be available with the Adventure Bike. Several more new motorcycles with this Revolution Max engine will be announced in the coming months.

Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 announced

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