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Harnessing the wind: Historic offshore wind project now producing energy off Virginia Beach coast – Virginia Beach, Virginia

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VIRGINIA BEACH (WAVY) — Dominion Energy is investing billions of dollars to change the energy equations in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and the United States as a whole.

It involves giving up fossil fuels for the clean energy of wind and the sun.

10 On Your Side was recently invited by an energy company to visit a wind farm that is producing energy for the first time.

Wind turbines stand out in the distance as a majestic building. As you approach the bottom, you will hear a hum.

Captain Charlie, 27 miles off Virginia Beach in Rudy Whaler, is in command. We are actually the first crew to showcase wind turbines online and provide energy to the Hampton Roads people.

It takes about 2 hours to reach the site of the wind turbine.

Along the way, the first man, Christina Trapani, noticed that the helium balloon was the second Bob in the water.

With Captain Charie back, Trapani set up a long stretched net to scoop up the balloons that were part of the graduation and birthday celebrations. When the balloon comes in, a small crew applauds Trapani.

“These things are very dangerous to marine life.”

She will catch more debris on her way home.

In the distance you can see the Dominion Energy Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project. The two wind turbines are part of the pilot program and will create a blueprint for the larger ones in the future.

“These blades rotate with the wind and generate electricity with that movement … the fuel for this is the wind,” said Kevin Carroll, Operations and Maintenance Manager at Dominion. “It’s free. It’s available. It’s clean and doesn’t actually emit carbon dioxide to generate electricity.”

The two turbines generate enough electricity for 3,000 households, which is sent via submarine cables to Camp Pendleton’s existing substation. This is just the beginning, as there are 180 of the 14 MW turbines. It will start rising in the spring of 2024 and will be completed in two years.

Dominion has invested $ 8 billion in offshore wind and will have enough electricity for 660,000 households when the project is complete.

“They go to switch stations, go to substations, and generate energy through the land connections that are placed on the grid,” Carroll adds.

The grid is located at the Fentress substation in Chesapeake.

Potential routes for supplying wind power to Fentless are determined by public feedback in direct open houses. The information is as follows:

“We want to see how it affects our neighbors,” Carroll adds. “We want this energy to be brought ashore with minimal impact on everyone’s lives.”

Dominion, these are the first turbines in federal waters in US history, and of all the wind farms proposed above and below the east coast except Rhode Island, two turbines are now online. It is said to be the only one that produces electricity.

On Monday, Governor Ralph Norsam’s office announced that the project would be one of the first projects in the country to use a new federal permit process to speed up the development of offshore wind power.

According to the Northam office, the North Atlantic Division of the Offshore Energy Management Authority (BOEM) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recently Announced a new agreement To provide institutions with additional scientific and technical resources for evaluating offshore wind projects.

“With tens of thousands of jobs at stake, we need all the hands-on decks to get this done in Virginia,” he said. Congress Offshore Wind Caucus March. “We thank Governor Northam for bringing the Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Marine Energy Management together to expedite the permitting process. We worked with Virginia Senator to help bring this project to the finish line. I’m proud of that. “

Returning to the water, we weren’t the only crew members that day. Two men on a fishing boat were placed under one of the turbines. This is one of the project hooks.

A fishing destination with lots of fish at the foot of a 500-foot monopile.

“This is a Virginia project. You can get out here and fish the turbines. In fact, the foundation acts as a good artificial reef.”

And don’t forget the generated job.

“Create 900 new jobs during the construction phase and 1,100 new jobs during the operation and maintenance phase.”

Who is helping to train the workforce?

Norfolk’s Centura College offers 600 certified wind technicians.

“There are multiple types of simulators they are working on,” said Michael Lanouette, Vice President of Administration at Centura College. “One of them is to learn how to climb a simulation rig system and understand the various components of the turbine behind it. How electrical components work, how mechanical parts work, how hydraulic parts work.”

Carol summarizes: “This is important because it’s a step towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the grid. It’s a big problem because we’re introducing clean renewable energy in Virginia.”

Dominion Energy wants to hear from you On potential routes that carry wind energy from the sea to the shore and to the household power grid.

There It will be two face-to-face open houses June 22nd and June 24th.

Harnessing the wind: Historic offshore wind project now producing energy off Virginia Beach coast Source link Harnessing the wind: Historic offshore wind project now producing energy off Virginia Beach coast

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