Harris in Guatemala discourages immigrants: “Don’t come”

Vice President Kamala Harris discouraged immigrants wishing to trek to the United States on Monday during her trip to Guatemala. Harris said this to prevent the influx of immigrants to the southern border. It is responsible for leading US diplomatic efforts in the region.

She held a press conference together President Alejandro Jamatti of Guatemala After meeting him in a closed room. Harris said she and the Guatemalan president discussed the root cause of immigration, especially the lack of financial opportunities for many in Guatemala. Harris recognizes that the United States is in the interests of the United States and reflects the value of the United States to help Guatemalans create economic opportunities, but discourages illegal immigrants to the United States. He said he was.

At a press conference, Harris said, “I want to clarify to people in the region who are thinking about dangerous trekking to the US-Mexico border.” Don’t come. Don’t come. The United States continues to enforce the law and Protect the border. “

“Immigrants have and should be legal, but one of our priorities is to stop illegal immigrants,” Harris continued. “And I believe that if you come to our border, you will be turned back, so our friends, neighbors and our family will be on a very dangerous journey otherwise. Don’t embark on it. It’s a coyote. ”

CBS News Ed O’Keefe tells Harris whether governments in Guatemala, El Salvador, or other Central American countries are corrupt, and if immigrants continue to come to the United States, the Biden administration will fail. I asked if you would like.

Harris said she and Jamatti had a “candid conversation.”

Through an interpreter, the President of Guatemala said his government “has no interest or hope in hiding anything” and argued that it welcomed international accountability.

“We can get rid of the idea that politicians have to be corrupted just because they are politicians,” Giammattei said through an interpreter. “This is not always the case. The evidence is , Is working very hard to send the case found by the government to the court for prosecution. ”

As previously reported by CBS News, President Biden said that under public health orders during the Trump era, all immigrant families should be expelled from US territory promptly. This policy is currently inconsistent across southern borders, And many immigrant families are allowed to stay.

Harris met Jean MatteiHe is the leader with the most frequent discussions on immigration policy at the National Cultural Palace in Guatemala City. They worked on immigration cooperation and eradicating corruption within the government.

Harris said in a commemorative photo session with Jamatti before the meeting that making Guatemala his first foreign visit was “a reflection of the priorities that the president and I have placed in the region.” She said the United States has a “responsibility” to work with friends from allies around the world, such as Guatemala.

She said migration from Guatemala in particular was at the top of the agenda. However, while the US and Guatemala share some agreement on the cause, Giammattei told CBS News Ed O’Keefe in a weekend interview that “we are not on the same side of the coin. That’s clear.” He later agreed on “what” of the immigration crisis.

Harris heads to Mexico City on Monday night.

Fin Gomez contributed to this report.

Harris in Guatemala discourages immigrants: “Don’t come”

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