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Hillsborough County, Florida — The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Department has recently reduced routes altogether to improve bus service and ensure that you don’t miss a stop. According to HART, the changes will take effect on Sunday and will affect “most routes”.

According to HART, these were routes with less than 15 passengers. Currently, some of these routes run every hour, but multiple times an hour.

Some riders are worried that they will be able to get on the bus and find a route, but the agency says this will help increase the reliability of the bus service.

At the board meeting on June 7, HART CEO Adelee Le Grand said: “But no one will wait for a bus that is scheduled to come every 30 minutes every hour or every hour. This is also a problem, and I think it’s probably a bigger problem. You’re better now. I’m expecting more frequency than you’ve ever received. “

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This is all because HART is working to secure federal funding to renovate all bus shelters throughout Hillsborough County, helping to protect riders from the sun and rain.

Survey finds challenges in transportation, public transport

This happens when Hillsborough County leaves and surveys more than 400 people about the traffic problems facing the Tampa Bay area. They found that many people did not find it safe to ride public transport, ride a bicycle, or walk on the sidewalk.

When it comes to walking and cycling Plan Hillsborough 2021 Nondiscrimination Plan Public Engagement In the survey, more than 40 people mentioned the lack of sidewalks in and around the school and the lack of lighting between the bus stops.

When it comes to driving, some say they simply don’t feel safe because of the speeder and constant construction.

When it comes to public transport, safety remains a major concern. Many women, the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities said they didn’t feel safe to get on the bus.

They said the routes weren’t well connected and for many it was too long to wait at the bus stop. Respondents said they could wait an hour or more on weekends. This is especially difficult for single parents and mothers.

HART recently reduced routes to improve reliable bus service Source link HART recently reduced routes to improve reliable bus service

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