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“We have a silver bullet that can end this crisis. Why are we afraid to trigger?”

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Harvard University professor and public health expert claims it’s time for the United States to “start accepting” COVID-19 vaccine Mandatory to see the country surge again coronavirus This time it is driven by the more contagious Delta variant.

Joseph Allen, an associate professor at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and director of the Healthy Building Program, Written in the editorial Published by Washington post On Monday, the United States “hit a wall” in an effort to persuade Americans to voluntarily obtain the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The only way to get out of our covid-19 morus is to mandate a vaccine,” Allen writes.

Harvard professors say that returning to Maskmandate is not enough to curb the surge, as more contagious variants and refusal to vaccinate by many Americans are the root of the current COVID-19 resurgence. Insisted.

Allen urged unions, medical institutions, and businesses to begin mandating vaccines for their members and employees.

“Don’t you want to call them” Mandate “? That’s fine, “Allen wrote. “What then do MGM Resorts When National football league Instead of forcing, the unvaccinated burden was very high and people followed.

“Why are so many people insulting our freedom?” He added. “Getting all kinds of vaccines is a daily routine. Schools, summer camps, and travel abroad require immunological records. There are silver bullets that can end this crisis. Why do we trigger? Are you afraid of? “

There are no current government vaccine requirements, but more employers — Including federal government — Over the last few weeks, we have been rolling out new vaccine rules for our employees. and, In a recent survey In Massachusetts, support for the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine is higher than anywhere else in the country, with 81.1% of Bay respondents saying they are in favor of the government demanding jabs.

In his editorial, Allen, in addition to advancing obligations in the United States, states that countries must take “quick and decisive” leadership to vaccinate other parts of the world. Emphasized.

He warned that if that effort failed, the world could face another variant that might escape current vaccine protection.

“And we’ll have to do it again,” Allen writes.

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Harvard’s Joseph Allen says it’s time to ‘start embracing’ vaccine mandates Source link Harvard’s Joseph Allen says it’s time to ‘start embracing’ vaccine mandates

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