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Harvest in full swing at Hirakata Farms in Rocky Ford – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Rocky Ford, Colorado — Rocky Ford’s melon season is in full swing! Family farm crew, Rocky Ford Square FarmAs the harvest season progressed, I worked hard to prepare and pick the fruits.

Michael Hirakata has worked on a family-owned farm for the rest of his life. And he continues to keep the tradition.

“I’m farming with my cousin. He’s also the fourth generation. My dad, grandpa, and great-grandfather started this farm long ago,” said Michael Hirakata.

The farm’s history dates back to the 1900s. Now their crops make Colorado’s summer feel perfect.

“It’s good to see the work materialize in front of you. It’s very rewarding because you start in the spring in the soil. Bare dirt. And within a few weeks, three or four weeks. , The plants are growing and will be harvested in the next few weeks, “Hirakata said.

“It’s grown in a special area. It’s really hot, it’s really cool at night. And usually it’s dry. The altitude is very sweet canmelon, watermelon, honeydew,” Hirakata said. rice field.

When you see Rocky Ford Growers Association Stickers, crops come from square farms. It takes about 12 hours from the field to the local shop.

“We harvest about 150 acres of melons, which goes into 150 acres of watermelon and then about 350 acres of pumpkin,” Hirakata said.

Crew members walk in the furrows for hours each day during the harvest season, avoiding careful stepping on the beds that grow cantaloupe melons. They are looking for something that has turned orange, and you know they are ripe because they come right from the stem.

They use GPS technology on the tractor to maintain a perfect straight line and protect the crop bed when the crew works in the field.

“So when you go up and down the fields, you don’t overrun irrigation. It makes everything very efficient. It doesn’t waste diesel fuel. It wears less machinery,” Hirakata said.

The crops are then categorized, making sure that only the best are out. They are then carefully cleaned, cooled, packed and shipped to the store. They are one of the melons and you definitely can’t have just one!

Harvest in full swing at Hirakata Farms in Rocky Ford Source link Harvest in full swing at Hirakata Farms in Rocky Ford

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