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Phnom Penh, Cambodia (AP) — Eight turtles from one of the world’s rarest crocodile species have been found in a wildlife sanctuary in eastern Cambodia.

A baby Siamese crocodile was found in the river by conservationists who went looking for it after finding footprints and dung.


In this image released by the Ministry of the Environment of Cambodia and WWF, Siamese crocodile is swimming in the Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary on the eastern plains of Cambodia on September 13, 2021 in Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia. (AP via Cambodia Ministry of the Environment and WWF)

This species once spread throughout Southeast Asia, but is now endangered.

Cambodia’s Ministry of the Environment and the World Wildlife Fund have been searching for photographic evidence of populations breeding in the Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary for over a decade.

They say the rangers are currently guarding their habitat.

Only about 400 Siamese crocodile remain in the wild, most of which are thought to live in Cambodia.

Said Minister of the Environment Sei Samal Associated Press This discovery was “such rewarding news,” and WWF’s Milou Groenenberg called it “an important discovery for species in Cambodia and the world.”

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