‘HATE WILL NOT PREVAIL’…President Biden says ‘White supremacy is a poison’ after 10 Blacks killed in Buffalo – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2022-05-19 10:57:12 –


In just over three hours, a Pittsburgh man was able to drive to Buffalo, New York.

In just over three hours, a person from Conklin, NY was able to drive to Buffalo.

In just over three hours, a terribly misguided racist coward drove from Conklin, NY to Buffalo in an attempt to kill a black man.

He did it. To be precise, 10 black people in a grocery store. The other three have survived their injuries so far.

But a strike against one black community is a strike against all black communities. This time around, on Saturday afternoon, May 14th, this peaceful and lucky afternoon happened to be an attack in Buffalo.

It can have happened in any black community.

New Pittsburgh Courier stands firmly in the black community of Buffalo recovering from this vicious attack by an 18-year-old white man who Courier refuses to name.

“In America, evil won’t win. I promise,” President Joe Biden said in Buffalo on May 17, after visiting a growing memorial site outside the Tops grocery store. .. “

In his speech, President Biden named all the victims as follows: Affectionate mother and grandmother. Roberta Drury, 32, beloved daughter and sister. She returned to her home to take care of her brother after a bone marrow transplant. She went shopping for groceries for dinner. When she came in, she made everyone in the room laugh and laugh. Andre McNiel, 53, was working in a restaurant and went to his 3-year-old boy to buy a birthday cake. His son celebrated his birthday and asked, “Where is your dad?”

TOPS GROCERY MARKET, a scene where a shooting incident occurred in Buffalo on May 14.

President Biden continues: “Catherine Massey, 72, writer, school costumed advocate who helped mow the park and helped local elections. Family and community glue. Margus Morrison, 52, Schoolbus Assistant. I went shopping for snacks for a weekly movie night with my wife, three children and a family surviving by his stepdaughter. The center of their world. Hayward Patterson, 67, father, The church deacon fed the homeless by cooking. He gave a ride to the grocery store for his neighbor in need. When he took his last breath, he put food in the trunks of others. Aaron Salter, 55, retired a Buffalo police officer for 30 years. He loved electric cars and dedicated his life to save others on Saturday afternoon, the man (shooter). Had he not worn a bulletproof vest, many lives would have been saved. Beloved father and husband. Geraldine Tally, 62, a professional banker, her warm and gentle personality, everyone’s friends, dedication. Known for his mother and grandmother, Ruth Whitfield, 86, is a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who sang in the church’s choir, the caretaker of her husband, and brought clean clothes. She cut her hair, held her hand every day, and visited him at the Nursing Home. A heart as big as her head. Pearl Young, 77 years old, mother, grandmother, divine missionary, public school teacher, local I also ran a grocery store. I loved singing, dancing and her family. “

President Biden later stated: “Jill (Bidden) and I have come to stand with you, and for our families we have become sad with you. Now is the time for people of all races from all backgrounds. It’s time to speak as a majority and an American and reject white supremacy. “

The president called white supremacism “poison” and reiterated: “We need to say as clearly and powerfully as possible that the ideology of white supremacism does not exist in the United States.”

‘HATE WILL NOT PREVAIL’…President Biden says ‘White supremacy is a poison’ after 10 Blacks killed in Buffalo Source link ‘HATE WILL NOT PREVAIL’…President Biden says ‘White supremacy is a poison’ after 10 Blacks killed in Buffalo

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