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After a long work routine from 8am to 5pm each week, are you always tired and want to find something more exciting and inspirational to society? Whenever you are released from your work obligations, there are many recreational activities that you can engage in to break the monotony of your work. For example, you can take your family to Bowling Pacific Mall and provide your children with a fun experience. Bowling Pacific Mall has lots of fun activities such as arcade games, prize shops and the most anticipated bowling games. In this article you will find out about some of Singapore’s finest bowling alley centers. Bowling Pacific Mall experience. So keep reading.

Endless fun

At Bowling Pacific Mall, you can experience many Asian cultures from a variety of products such as food and drink. In addition to having a variety of Asian cultures, Bowling Pacific Mall also incorporates an exclusive bowling experience that attracts visitors from a variety of cultural and racial backgrounds. However, a significant proportion of visitors are from Asia. In any case, regardless of culture, visitors from all disciplines gather on the premises for quality indoor and outdoor recreational activities. This means that integrating a bowling arcade with a shopping mall will benefit visitors who go shopping and later participate in indoor games.

If you are a fun-loving individual, you probably don’t mind reviving and bringing out the childhood personality you once had. Remember that a small win in the middle of an exciting game will rejuvenate your entire body system. In this way, you can return to a more energetic and productive day-to-day work. During constitutional holidays, Bowling Pacific Mall attracts many visitors from all disciplines.

In addition to bowling games, Bowling Pacific Mall also incorporates other entertainment activities such as arcade games and virtual reality games. The Big Square Challenge is also a children’s attraction activity with endless exciting prizes from the prize shop. After finishing the bowling game, the iconic attraction site provides a soothing atmosphere and you can relax.

Go the road in singapore

That said, take a look at some of Singapore’s bowling centers and pick one or two that might simulate the above features of Bowling Pacific Mall.

  • Orchid Country Club Orchid Bowl

If you’re in Singapore and want to experience what looks like a bowling Pacific Mall simulation, you can access the Orchid Bowl Center. Located in Yishun, this center is one of Singapore’s most famous bowling points. Orchid Bowl not only offers 36 lanes of outlet bowling points, but also hosts formal and informal corporate events and parties. For example, you can reserve a central space to hold a children’s birthday party and then extend the party atmosphere to the bowling section to increase prizes from prize stores and great prizes.

For an in-game bowling Pacific Mall experience, you can also consider Super Bowl Marina Square. Today, this huge entertainment center is one of the leading and largest hosts of indoor recreational games throughout Singapore Island. Like Bowling Pacific Mall, Super Bowl Marina Square has many indoor fun activities such as game arcades, billiards and bowling games.

Apart from indoor games, you can freely enjoy various foods and drinks from various stores. To make your experience even more memorable, the waitress will accompany you and your family with drinks and snacks, so you can continue the bowling game. Like Bowling Pacific Mall, Super Bowl Marina Square also attracts many visitors from different races during the Constitution and public holidays.


We hope that this article will give you a taste of the Bowling Pacific Mall experience every time you visit a local mall in Singapore. The bottom line is that in both experiences, you, your family, and your friends can enjoy a variety of entertainment other than bowling games.

Having the Bowling Pacific Mall Experience in Singapore
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