Hawaii airports adding more staff to meet anticipated busy holiday travel season – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-10-20 00:15:28 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — Governor’s approval stamp for travelers who do not need to return to Hawaii could increase the number of tourists expected on vacation, and airport authorities are preparing for the busy season We are hiring more workers to help avoid the queue.

We ensure that the airport is staffed and has enough screeners and TSA agents to accommodate the number of travelers.

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Hawaii’s safe travel manager, Sheri Kajiwara, said the state program is actively recruiting airport screeners for arrival. Approximately 100 new workers will be added during Thanksgiving time, and more if funding permits.

“We will receive reports from all airlines on the number of travelers on board to prepare for screening upon arrival,” says Kajiwara. “But I think this will be a busy holiday season.”

All six major airlines flying to Hawaii do pre-boarding checks for Safe Travels, but there may be issues that require all screening on arrival.

“As with other airlines, there are staffing issues, so you may get a message that a particular airline is understaffed and you can’t wristband your passengers,” Kajiwara said. .. “You need to be prepared for 100% processing on arrival.”

TSA staff are also looking for more agents in anticipation of the holiday travel season and the November 22 deadline, which requires employees to be vaccinated with COVID.

“We’re not in that terrible situation with 70 to 80 vacancies across the Pacific. We anticipate that some people could be lost as a result of forced vaccination,” TSA Pacific said. Jenel Chang, the regional federal security director, said. “But we see people going out. People who haven’t been vaccinated go out and start getting vaccinated.”

The new Mauka terminal at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport will help ease some of the TSA’s long lines, but smaller airports in the state may feel more weighted by the increase in tourists.

“Especially Maui has reached capacity. It’s actually over capacity, so it’s often the case that more passengers are passing than can be screened in an hour. This affects waiting time.” Mr. Chan said. “But we have all our hands on the deck and we use overtime.”

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Governor said From November 1st The state begins to welcome the return of vaccinated travelers to the state.

Hawaii airports adding more staff to meet anticipated busy holiday travel season Source link Hawaii airports adding more staff to meet anticipated busy holiday travel season

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