Hawaii coronavirus-related death toll hits 500; remains lowest fatality rate in nation – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-05-30 17:54:00 –

Hawaiian CoronavirusThe death toll associated with humans reached 500 today, with one new death reported on Oahu.

About 35 people die per 100,000 inhabitants, and Hawaii’s virus deaths remain the lowest in the United States.

There was no immediate information about the latest deaths.

Health officials also reported today that 122 new infections were identified across the state and are likely to be infected, bringing the state’s total to 36,246 since the start of the March 2020 pandemic. More than half of today’s new infections came from the Big Island, due to a surge in prisons.

The state’s official coronavirus-related deaths include 388 on Oahu, 54 on Maui, 53 on the Big Island, 2 on Kauai, and 3 out-of-state Hawaii residents. It is. Today, the number of deaths related to coronavirus in the United States exceeds 594,000, and the number of infected people nationwide exceeds 33.2 million.

By island today, 63 Hawaiians were diagnosed on the Big Island, 48 on Oahu, 6 on Maui, 2 on Molokai, and 3 outside the state.

The rapid increase on the Big Island comes after the state Saturday’s Public Security Bureau announced a mass inspection of COVID-19 at the Hawaii Community Correction Center In Hilo, a total of 71 people have recently been infected in prison, with 61 positive cases.

The total and possible total number of coronaviruses confirmed per island since the outbreak began was 27,107 on Oahu, 4,438 on Maui, 2,949 in Hawaii County, and 320 on Kauai. There are 115 people on Lanai and 79 people on Molokai. There are also 1,238 Hawaii residents diagnosed outside the state.

State health officials began including potential infections in total cases last week. Potential infections include people who have not been tested for confirmation but who are believed to have been infected with the virus due to known exposure or symptoms, or a positive antigen test.

Statistics released today reflect new cases of infection reported to the ministry on Friday.

Health officials also said today that 810 of the state’s total infections were considered active. Authorities say they consider infections reported in the last 14 days to be “substitute numbers for active cases.” The total number of active infected people in the state remained unchanged at 810 today. However, the number of active cases on the Big Island increased by 59 and that on Oahu decreased by 53.

By island, Oahu has 577, Hawaii has 129, Maui has 79, Molokai has 17, Kauai has 8, and Lanai has 0.

Health officials counted 4,524 new COVID-19 test results in today’s aggregate, with a state-wide positive rate of 2.6%. According to the Hawaii COVID-19 Data Dashboard, the state has an average 7-day positive rate of 1.1%.

According to the latest Hawaii COVID-19 Vaccine Summary, as of Thursday, 1,513,894 doses of the vaccine have been administered through state and federal distribution programs. Health officials say more than 50% of the state’s population is currently fully vaccinated.

Of all confirmed cases in Hawaii, 2,237 required hospitalization and three new inpatients (2 on Oahu and 1 on Maui) were reported today.

The 10 hospitalized cases throughout the state are Hawaii residents who have been diagnosed and treated outside the state. Of the 2,317 hospitalizations in the state, 1,926 are hospitalized on Oahu, 252 on Maui, 124 on the Big Island, 9 on Kauai, 5 on Lanai, and 1 on Molokai.

As of Friday, a total of 48 virus-infected patients were in Hawaii hospitals, 10 in the intensive care unit and 5 on the ventilator, according to the latest information on the agency’s Hawaii COVID-19 data dashboard. Was there.

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Oahu was in Tier 2 on October 22nd and then moved to Tier 3 on February 25th, which is less restrictive in the city’s four-tier economic recovery plan. 10 people at the table. On March 11, Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi announced Tier 3 changes, including allowing the bar to reopen under the same conditions as the restaurant and extending the curfew to midnight.

Honolulu remains Tier 3 of the city’s COVID-19 reopening slot is at least until June 3, According to the mayor’s office.

The average number of people infected on Oahu for seven days is 31, and the average positive rate for seven days is 1.4%, state health officials announced today.

Branjardi said last week that Honolulu should move to Tier 4 soon.

This breaking news will be updated as more information becomes available.

Hawaii coronavirus-related death toll hits 500; remains lowest fatality rate in nation Source link Hawaii coronavirus-related death toll hits 500; remains lowest fatality rate in nation

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