Hawaii medical facilities weigh whether to require coronavirus vaccine for employment – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-06-24 00:13:38 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — Hawaii hospitals have not yet required workers to be fully vaccinated.

The head of the Hawaii Nurses Association said he was ready to discuss this issue with his employer as the dose of COVID-19 vaccine increased.

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About 80% of Hawaiian healthcare workers are vaccinated. Hilton Racel, president and chief executive officer of the Hawaii Healthcare Association, said the obligation was not so imminent due to the high vaccination coverage of health care workers. However, with full FDA approval, healthcare facilities may begin mandating vaccines.

“Once the vaccine is fully approved by the FDA, the potential barriers are definitely mitigated, which is probably the trigger some employers are looking for,” Raethel said.

Queen’s Health Systems said it was not considering requiring the COVID-19 vaccine for employment as of Wednesday, June 23.

Hawaii Pacific Health said in a statement that more information was needed before making a decision.

Hawaii Pacific Health does not require employees to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. Before making a decision to learn more about how the COVID-19 vaccine will be part of future regular medical needs, such as the need for booster shots and whether it is needed annually, such as flu shots. , I think we need more information. Made about it being a staff requirement. Direct patient care staff have safely cared for patients according to PPE standards and guidelines since the outbreak of the pandemic. This continues today, regardless of vaccination status. We do not require employees to be vaccinated with COVID-19, but we are proud that 84% of Hawaii Pacific Health employees are vaccinated.

Daniel Ross, president of the Hawaii Nurses Association, said the COVID-19 vaccine should continue to be selected.

“We support and encourage it. I am personally vaccinated and my family is vaccinated,” Ross said. “But I don’t feel it’s the place of my dictation or the place where the employer dictates to someone else what personal decisions about it.”

Federal law does not prohibit employers from requesting vaccines as long as certain exemptions are offered.

Ross said he would like to see a wide range of exemptions for workers if a shot is needed in Hawaii.

“If there’s a reason they can’t get vaccinated, they need to deal with it, so we’re working with management to be generous with reasonable accommodation,” Ross said.

In addition to hospitals waiting for the vaccine to be approved by the FDA, Mr. Racel said the facility has made a decision because the vaccine dispute cannot afford to lose employees.

Raethel said: “There are shortages in many industries, including healthcare. Therefore, one concern is whether the employer or healthcare provider will carry out the delegation. There are some individuals who may retire.”

Hawaii medical facilities weigh whether to require coronavirus vaccine for employment Source link Hawaii medical facilities weigh whether to require coronavirus vaccine for employment

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