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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-12-04 01:33:00 –

According to Hawaii, water samples taken by state health inspectors at Red Hill Elementary School and the Ariamanu Child Development Center earlier this week were suspected of fuel contaminating drinking water and were damaged in transit, resulting in a California laboratory. Could not be analyzed in. Ministry of Public Health.

Earlier this week, state inspectors detected fuel odors from tap water.

Another sample, taken from Red Hill Elementary School on Tuesday and analyzed by a laboratory at the University of Hawaii, was tested positive for oil. However, the Ministry of Health said Wednesday that the results were tentative and did not reveal the type or amount of petroleum products contained in the water.

State health officials hoped that the analysis by Eurofins, a California laboratory, would yield clearer and more detailed results.

But when the lab received a container of samples that wasn’t covered with enough bubble wrap, it was broken. Lab report, Renders the sample disabled.

The damaged container also contained a sample taken from the house of the military spouse, Mishendor, who told Honolulu Civil Beat that he was able to burn water from the faucet on Sunday.

Sampling was conducted this week when hundreds of military families in Moanalua and the lower Halawa River began complaining about the smell of fuel and chemicals from tap water. Residents are worried that water may make them sick. They complained of rashes, nausea and vomiting associated with ingestion of fuel-contaminated water and reported that their pets became ill.During ~ town hall Tonight, a resident hosted by the U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii said the puppy had recently died and the guinea pig had died.

DOH said yesterday that it had taken another water sample from the Red Hill Elementary and sent it to the lab for testing, and will take another sample from the Aliamanu Child Development Center. It took a few days for the results to come back.

The Navy is also testing the entire water distribution system.

Yesterday, the Navy announced that Red Hill had determined it was going well. Was a source of oil pollution, Indicates that the following aquifers are contaminated with fuel.

DOH also took a sample from Red Hill Shaft on November 24, prior to public reports of fuel odors. According to DOH, these samples were collected as part of regular testing. DOH is Sample results We have found trace amounts of heavy oil that are “well below the drinking water threshold and are not clearly associated with petroleum fuels.”

Fuel pollution affects only the Navy’s water system, which serves nearly 100,000 people, primarily to military families. However, some schools and non-military customers use water. In addition to Red Hill Elementary School and Aliamanu Child Development Center, the Navy’s Water System serves Nimitz Elementary School, Iroquois Point Elementary School, Salt Lake Elementary School, Pearl Harbor Elementary School, Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary School, and Holy Family Catholic Academy.

Hawaii officials say Red Hill, Aliamanu school water samples damaged in transit Source link Hawaii officials say Red Hill, Aliamanu school water samples damaged in transit

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