Hawaii public school teacher absences hit 2,159 amid omicron surge – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2022-01-15 00:22:00 –

The Hawaii Department of Education said today that the number of Hawaii public school teachers who are out of work has skyrocketed to 2,159 amid a surge in COVID-19 Omicron variants. The state also lacked 472 substitute teachers who were supposed to help supplement the missing teachers.

Teacher absenteeism on other school days of the week ranges from 1,685 to 1,790, with similar shortages among substitute teachers, indicating the struggle that the rise of Omicron continues to impose on schools, teachers and families. increase.

Almost 17% of the 12,800 teachers in the department are out today, up from about 14% a week ago. In the past, Keith Hayashi, a public school interim supervisor, said about half of the absent teachers were ill and the other half were absent for other reasons, such as family vacations and vacations.

Of the 2,159 absenteeism today, 525 was in a position that did not require a substitute teacher. As a result, 1,634 jobs that required substitute teachers remained, but only 1,162 substitute teachers were employed.

The lack of substitute teachers means that many students are sent to cafeterias, auditoriums, or other classrooms, but available teachers, counselors, security guards, district and state staff also supervise students. I am forced to help. Their will.

Sunset Beach Elementary School and Waianae Middle School are one of the campuses that suddenly went to distance learning this week.

Hayashi has continued to emphasize the department’s efforts to make schools as direct as possible.

In an email, DOE Communications Director Nanea Kalani said: And all of our school-level, complex regional and state office staff and leaders working hard for our students. “

Today, absenteeism was 19% higher than the 1,812 reported on January 7, when the Ministry of Education last announced the number of teacher absenteeism. DOE said it will announce a similar number next Friday.

The Star Advertiser requested the absence numbers of other school staff and students, but did not get a response.

This week, the Hawaii Teachers Association submitted a new request for impact negotiations and complaints about how the education department handles staffing in a pandemic issue. Complaints to the Hawaii Labor Relations Commission are pending.

Hawaii public school teacher absences hit 2,159 amid omicron surge Source link Hawaii public school teacher absences hit 2,159 amid omicron surge

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