Hawaii reports 163 new coronavirus cases, bringing statewide total to 40,822 – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-07-30 13:11:23 –

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State health officials said there were 90 COVID-19 patients in a Hawaiian hospital this afternoon, 20 in the intensive care unit and 12 in the ventilator. The numbers have not been updated since there were 74 COVID patients on Friday. Of these, 17 were in the ICU and 11 were on ventilator.

Government officials are closely watching hospitalizations as Hawaii sees the largest surge in infections since January. This is partly due to the highly contagious delta mutation. Lieutenant Josh Green said late last week that Hawaii hospitals have been able to cope with the increase in COVID patients so far.

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Hawaii Ministry of Health officials reported 163 new confirmed possibilities coronavirus Today’s infectious diseases total 40,822 states since the outbreak of the pandemic.

As no new virus-related deaths have been reported today, COVID-19 deaths across the state remain at 529.

The state’s official coronavirus-related deaths include 410 deaths on Oahu, 58 on Maui, 56 on the Big Island, 2 on Kauai, and 3 deaths outside Hawaii. It is.

Today, the number of deaths related to coronavirus in the United States is about 611,000, and the number of infections nationwide exceeds 34.4 million.

Today, as delta variants spread throughout the state, there were 12 consecutive days of new triple-digit infections in Hawaii.

Today’s new possible infections by island are 105 on Oahu, 34 on the Big Island, 16 on Maui, 1 on Kauai, and out-of-state 7 Includes people Hawaii residents.

State health authorities include the possibility of infection in the total number of cases. Possibility of infection includes people who have not been tested for confirmation but who appear to have been infected with the virus because of known exposures and symptoms, or because of a positive antigen test.

Since the outbreak, the number of coronavirus cases confirmed on each island has been 29,753 on Oahu, 4,950 on Maui, 3,740 in Hawaii County, 515 on Kauai, 117 on Lanai, and 81 on Molokai. There are also 1,666 Hawaiians diagnosed outside the state.

The statistics released today reflect new cases of infection reported to the department on Saturday.

Health officials also said today that 2,048 of the state’s total infections are believed to be active. Authorities say they consider infectious diseases reported in the last 14 days to be “substitute numbers for active cases.” The total number of active cases in the state has increased by 95 today.

By island, there are 1,400 active cases on Oahu, 369 on the Big Island, 185 on Maui, 91 on Kauai, 2 on Lanai, and 1 on Molokai.

Health officials counted 4,072 new COVID-19 test results in today’s tally, with a state-wide positive rate of about 4%. According to Hawaii’s COVID-19 data dashboard, the state has an average 7-day positive rate of 4.6%.

According to the latest Hawaii COVID-19 Vaccine Summary, as of Sunday, 1,744,704 vaccines were being administered through state and federal distribution programs, an increase of 4,820 from Friday. Health officials say that 59.8% of the state’s population is currently fully vaccinated and 66.3% have been vaccinated at least once.

Of all confirmed cases of Hawaii infection, 2,633 required hospitalization, and two new hospitalizations on Maui were reported today.

The 14 hospitalizations across the state are Hawaiian residents diagnosed and treated outside the state. Of the 2,619 hospitalizations in the state, 2,133 were on Oahu, 311 were on Maui, 155 were on the Big Island, 14 were on Kauai, 5 were on Lanai, and 1 was on Molokai.

Fix: There were 14 COVID hospitalizations on Kauai instead of 91 reported in previous versions of this story.

Hawaii reports 163 new coronavirus cases, bringing statewide total to 40,822 Source link Hawaii reports 163 new coronavirus cases, bringing statewide total to 40,822

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