Hawaii sees 7 new coronavirus-related deaths and 163 additional infections statewide – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2020-11-21 16:56:00 –

Hawaiian health officials today reported seven coronavirus-related deaths and 163 new coronavirus infections across the state, resulting in a total of 231 deaths and 17,098 cases since the outbreak of the pandemic. It was.

Information on all recent deaths on Oahu was not immediately available.

The official state health coronavirus-related deaths have increased to 231 and include 180 on Oahu, 32 on the Big Island, 17 on Maui, and two Hawaiians who died on the mainland. I am.

The Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency said Friday that COVID-19 deaths on the Big Island remained at 49, but state health officials still identified the coronavirus as a factor in 17 of these deaths. Not done.

The death toll from the coronavirus in the United States today exceeds 255,000, as it exceeded 12 million in the United States.

According to the Ministry of Health, today’s new cases of infection in Hawaii include 123 on Oahu, 15 on the Big Island, 12 on Maui, 4 on Kauai, and Hawaii residents diagnosed outside the state. Includes 9 people. As a result of the updated information, one previous infection from Oahu has been removed from the state counts.

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The total number of coronaviruses by island since the outbreak is 14,698 on Oahu, 1,527 on Hawaii County, 480 on Maui, 106 on Lanai, 91 on Kauai and 17 on Molokai. There are also 179 Hawaiian residents diagnosed outside the state.

Hawaiian health officials said 1,340 of the state’s total infections are currently believed to be active throughout the state. Health officials have replaced the “free from quarantine” statistics used to calculate the number of active cases with “cases in the last 14 days.” They said the new classification served as a “substitute number for active cases” and was based on infections reported in the last 14 days. Today, the total number of active cases has decreased by 39.

Of all confirmed cases of Hawaii infection, one required hospitalization, and five new hospitalizations were reported by state health authorities today.

Two hospitalizations throughout the state are Hawaiian residents diagnosed and treated outside the state. Of the one hospitalization in the state, one was on Oahu, 74 was on the Big Island, 60 were on Maui, six were on Kauai, five were on Lanai, and one was on Molokai.

According to the latest data from the department’s Hawaii COVID-19 data dashboard, a total of 72 patients with COVID-19 were in hospitals in Hawaii at noon on Friday, 23 in the intensive care unit and 10 artificially ventilated. I was on the ventilator.

Oahu moved to Tier 2 on October 22, with less restrictions on Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s four-stage economic recovery plan. The mayor’s office states that the city will carry out two “weekly assessments” to determine if Honolulu will move to another tier. Major COVID-19 numbers every Wednesday. To move from Tier 2 to Tier 3, the average of new cases for 7 days on two consecutive Wednesdays must be less than 50. Also, the 7-day average positive rate, or percentage of tests that returned positive, should be less than 2.5% on these two Wednesdays.

According to Caldwell, the average number of cases on Oahu for today’s seven days was 75, with a positive rate of 2.6%.

This latest news will be updated as more information becomes available.

Hawaii sees 7 new coronavirus-related deaths and 163 additional infections statewide Source link Hawaii sees 7 new coronavirus-related deaths and 163 additional infections statewide

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