Hawaii to remove famous Haiku Stairs – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-09-16 12:37:00 –

The Honolulu City Council resolved on Wednesday to remove the famous Haiku staircase.

Councilor Unanimously approved To get rid of them, “stop trespassing, reduce disruption to local neighborhoods, increase public safety, remove potential responsibility to the city, and protect the environment.”

according to CNNThe 3,922 steps caused problems for the city as people were injured in the exclusion zone.

SFGate.com report That the city has allocated $ 1 million to get rid of them.

CNN reported that the stairs were no longer open to the public in 1987.

CNN reports that the US Navy originally built stairs in the 1940s.

Hawaii to remove famous Haiku Stairs Source link Hawaii to remove famous Haiku Stairs

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