Hawaiian Humane Society to break ground on second location in Ewa – Honolulu, Hawaii

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(Courtesy: Hawaiian Humane Society)

Honolulu (KHON2) — On Wednesday, May 5, the Hawaiian Humane Society will begin construction on Ewa’s second permanent location.

The five-acre site of Old Fort Weaver Road offers the following services to western Oahu:

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  • Investigation and rescue of animal cruelty
  • My pet was lost and found
  • Animal admission
  • Adoption
  • Pet Coqua Outreach Program
  • Educational programs for youth and adults
  • Volunteer opportunities, including pet foster care
  • Veterinary care at the shelter
  • Affordable Contraceptive Surgery / Contraceptive Surgery for Domestic Cats and Free-Roaming Cats
  • Dog park without laces

“We are committed to building a truly humane community based on our compassion and shared responsibility for the island’s animal welfare. We envision a community where all pets have a home. It’s a community where people value and care for their own animals and all the animals on the island of Oahu, “said Annano Ibauer, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hawaiian Humanitarian Society. .. “Our Ewa Expansion helps to provide the services and resources needed in poorly serviced areas of the island.”

According to HHS, 66% of Oahu’s pet owners live in the west, the highest percentage on the island. The overall ownership rate of pets is 58%.

In addition, West Oahu is home to 32% of the island’s homeless population. About 29% of Oahu homeless people report having at least one pet.

“The distance between the West Oahu community and Honolulu’s resources is a barrier to providing important services to animals in need,” HHS said in a news release.

The project will be completed by the end of 2022 and the campus will be open to the public later that year or early 2023.

Hawaiian Humane Society to break ground on second location in Ewa Source link Hawaiian Humane Society to break ground on second location in Ewa

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