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Santa Cruz, CA (AP) —Surfing has contributed significantly to the debut of the Olympic Games. There are some new respects for the taste of mainstream spotlights, the legitimacy of unique 4D sports movements, and perhaps ultimately the ability to rock stereotypes. As a mere pursuit of fun in Himbo, a beach town.

Acceptance was a century. The International Surfing Association has been lobbying the International Olympic Committee since 1995, but efforts to include this sport date back to the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm.

It was then that Duke Kahanamoku, a five-time swimming and Hawaiian icon medalist who was revered as the godfather of modern surfing, first pushed for the Olympic Games.

At that time, little was known about riding the ocean waves stylishly on the board, except in his native Hawaii.

Mainstream dreams

Surfing is a $ 10 billion industry, but professional surfing led by the World Surf League is almost a niche and little understood. Surfing requires a balance of athletic ability, immeasurable strength, agility, and elegance to steer based on what the huge wild waters bring at the moment. Spiritual pursuit. Given the complexity of the competition and the metrics, some viewers may have a hard time following, but hope that a visually stunning sport will eventually convince the mainstream viewers of the game. I am.

Debt to Hawaii

Olympic geopolitics will be on display when Carissa Moore and John John Florence are in the surf zone. They are two of the biggest stars in professional surfing, both participating in the World Surf League under the Hawaiian flag. They were both born and raised on Oahu, and Moore is also ethnically part of Native Hawaiians. The WSL’s decision to recognize Hawaii’s position in the world of surfing and its role in the invention of sports went against the IOC’s decision on the long-standing efforts of the sovereign movement against the Hawaiian team.

Local advantage

This is a perfect connection to the Olympics for Kanoa Igarashi, a 23-year-old Californian with dual Japanese nationality representing Japan. He has been surfing for the rest of his life at the Olympic venue, Tsurusaki Beach, which is very sentimental to his family. Tsutomu Igarashi, a Japanese father who emigrated to the United States before Kanoa was born, said he helped spread the wave in the United States as a young surfer.

“At some point, it was the only place I surfed, so it’s very strange that it was chosen as the venue for the Olympics,” Elder Igarashi said in Japanese. “Sometimes I feel like I was surfing there, as if I knew the Olympics were coming.”

Mother Nature’s Mercy Advertisement

Surfing is a sport that relies on many uncontrollable factors, such as when the competition will take place exactly when the event begins on July 25th. Organizers typically use oceanographic and atmospheric science data to monitor waves to determine surfing conditions (wave height, wind direction). , Tide movement — ideal for the day’s competition. In other words, the chances of downtime, called weekdays, are very high.

And even if surfers join the lineup, the waves of Tsurigasaki may be disappointing for those who are looking for powerful surf conditions like the movie. This particular beach break is known for its small waves and is not considered a special surfing competition venue. But there is hope. The Olympics are held during the peak season of typhoons.

Alternative goat

49-year-old Kelly Slater is probably the oldest and most famous Olympic replacement player. The 11th World Champion is the most decorated athlete in surfing and has the widest mainstream appeal (remember that he starred as Jimmy Slade on the cult’s favorite TV show, Baywatch. please). It is speculated that Slater could shine in Japan as both US men’s qualifiers Florence and Kolohe Andino have suffered serious injuries requiring surgery in recent months.

USA Surfing CEO Greg Cruse said it was the responsibility of qualifying to make the decision, but celebrity surfers haven’t promised to do so yet, but hope Slater will come to Japan as a standby. In addition to injuries, there are also concerns that certain athletes may be exposed to COVID-19. This could trigger government-mandated quarantine and prevent athletes from riding the waves.

Hawaii’s Carissa Moore and John John Florence leads surfing into the Olympics Source link Hawaii’s Carissa Moore and John John Florence leads surfing into the Olympics

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