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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-11-25 06:00:09 –

Washington DC — They are some of the most historically important universities in our country.

Historically, the Black College, or HBCU, was founded by the federal government before 1964 and is defined as a college whose main mission is to educate African-Americans.

“It feels like a family,” said Jessenia Walker, a sophomore at Howard University, about the school.

Walker came to Howard University to embrace her roots, and she says she has, but she also says it wasn’t really easy to live there.

“Our AC doesn’t work,” Walker said of her dorm.

The state of HBCU dormitories across the country has been documented for years, but in recent weeks students have turned to protests.

I shared it on social media when the pipe ruptured or the corridor was flooded.

The students were so angry with the situation that some of Howard started sleeping in their tents to protest.

Similar events are happening at other HBCUs across the country.

“It’s trauma that we have to ask black students to deal with such situations,” said Channing Hill, one of the leading student organizers.

Hill says her fight isn’t just about Howard. It’s about HBCUs across the country, which have historically been underfunded.

Take Tennessee State University as an example. State legislators there last year admitted that they had caused the school a funding shortage of about $ 544 million since 1950.

“This is definitely a funding issue, which reflects the issues facing all HBCUs across the country,” Hill said.

Congress noticed

Parliamentarians are aware of the problems with the HBCU situation and are discussing billions to help them.

The current version of the Build Back Better bill includes $ 10 billion in HBCU. Pell Grant is set to increase for all students as well.

The United Negro College Fund said this moneyGame changer.. “

However, the bill is not yet a law and must pass the Senate where amendments may be made.

Hill wants Howard’s Alum, Vice President Kamala Harris, to continue lobbying for funding.

“I hope she remembers where she came from,” Hill said.

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