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Portland, Oregon 2022-08-06 10:30:39 –

(KTLA) – John Leguizamo has taken to social media to accuse Hollywood executives of casting James Franco as the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

“How is this still going on? How is Hollywood excluding us and still stealing our story?” Leguizamo asked. Instagram“No more appropriating Hollywood or streamers! Boycott! This F’d up!”

Leguizamo’s post, deadline An article covering the announcement that Franco, who is white, will star opposite Mia Maestro in the upcoming independent film Cuban Alina. Maestro plays Natalia “Nati” Revuelta, a Cuban-born socialite who had an affair with Castro. The film will reportedly follow the life of Castro and Revuelta’s daughter, “Cuban exile turned social advocate” Alina Fernandez.

Leguizamo, a staunch proponent of representing Latinos in television and film, explained why he doesn’t think the casting decision was a good one.

“Additionally, it’s a very difficult story to tell without exaggerating,” Leguizamo continued. He added that he had no problem with James Franco as an actor, but added, “He’s not Latino!”

The film’s lead producer, John Martinez O’Phelan, told Deadline after he “looked through the entire ranks of actors with Latino roots in Hollywood to find someone with a similar facial structure.” Franco, who said he chose Franco, or has roots in northwestern Spain, Ophelan noted.

“In scrutinizing our applicants through the eyes of the Spanish and Portuguese genealogies held by the Galicians, we find that James most resembles the face of a major actor in our industry. I did,” O’Phelan added. Franco was of partial Portuguese descent on his father’s side.

On the other hand, Leguizamo recently LA Times NGL Collective, his own New York-based digital media company, “with mitú of GoDigital Media Group, an LA-based digital media company that creates stories and videos aimed at Latino audiences.” for the merger.

The Times reported that the acquisition was “valued at more than $60 million and will create what the company calls ‘the largest digital-first Latino media powerhouse’ in the United States.” The combined company of Mitu and NGL has more than 90 employees, 92% of whom are Latino. ”

As of Saturday, Franco has yet to respond to his casting response.

According to reports, ‘Cuban Alina’ is set to begin filming on August 15th in Havana, Cuba.

‘He ain’t Latino!’: John Leguizamo slams casting of James Franco in Castro film Source link ‘He ain’t Latino!’: John Leguizamo slams casting of James Franco in Castro film

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