‘He is mine’: Woman blocks alleged playground kidnapper – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-10-15 19:46:37 –

Khael Aguilar-McNamee is in Clark County Jail

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — At a playground in Vancouver, police said a woman was standing between a five-year-old child and a man trying to beat his mother in an attempt to kidnap a boy.

The incident happened around 5 pm Wednesday when the child’s mother asked her son to get off the playground slide to put on his soccer shoes. At that time, she noticed the suspect. The suspect was later identified as Khael Aguilar-McNamee and stands near the playground.

Aguilar-McNamee started walking towards the boy. His mother shouted to return to him, but he refused and a statement of cause believed to have accelerated his pace.

After yelling for help from the authorities, she tried to hold him down with her hand on her chest, but he tried to hit her face with her left fist. He kept walking towards the boy and repeatedly said, “He’s mine,” the document said.

Officials said a woman who saw what was happening invaded between the boy and Aguilar McNamie.

Vancouver police were called to the playground and found Aguilar McNamie sitting in a gazebo, with a hoodie on his head and his face down on a picnic table.

According to the document, he admitted that he tried to grab the boy from the slide and was sexually attracted to the child.

A 24-year-old boy weighing 5 feet 7 pounds and 245 pounds has been detained in Clark County Jail for kidnapping.

KOIN 6 News will provide more information later in the day.

‘He is mine’: Woman blocks alleged playground kidnapper Source link ‘He is mine’: Woman blocks alleged playground kidnapper

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