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‘He looked like he was hit by a car’ | Hall’s partner is first witness to take the stand in trial of 2 SLMPD officers | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-06-08 16:45:00 –

Two former St. Louis police officers have been tried on suspicion of being involved in assaulting fellow police officers and subsequent concealment attempts during a 2017 protest.

ST. Louis ( –After a short break on Tuesday when the jury was elected, the court reopened on Tuesday afternoon and the trial began. Below is the latest information on proceedings from the courts, with the latest events listed first.

15:45 Naes is cross-examined

The defense counsel’s cross-examination began peacefully, and Boone’s lawyer Patrick Kilgore reaffirmed Naes’s account of the night Hall was arrested and asked if he had seen a protester with a weapon. He asked a simple question. He finished the question and answer session and handed over the podium to Scott Rosenblum, a defender of Myers.

During Rosenbram’s counter-examination, he focused on an internal memo written by Naes about the night of Hall’s arrest, but did not complete. In that memo, Nace took his actions and that night. It details what it sees and ends the note with an overview of Hall’s injuries, but does not include any mention of Hall’s attacker being a police officer.

Naes said the memo was incomplete and was only the first draft. However, in a series of ever-increasing questions, Rosenbram approached Nades as to why he didn’t finish writing the notes. Naes said it wasn’t necessary, but Rosenblum argued against the fact that Naes said it was said two months after the first draft was created.

Naes reported the incident to his boss and said he felt that if the IAD was told to contact him, it would imply that no notes were needed. Rosenbram said that Naes and Hall were friends and talked every day, so he had never finished writing notes, so Hall’s explanation of what happened was the only way Nees remembered the incident. Said it would be.

Asked Naes and entered a series of questions about the use of force

2:55 pm Luis Naes testifies

The first witness in the trial was Luis Nades, who was summoned by a prosecutor to explain the case the night the Hall was attacked. Naes and Hall were also assigned to a special investigation by then-police chief Sam Dotson, a partner in the Problem Properties unit.

Naes met Hall after a violent arrest when the two returned to police headquarters and said, “He had a terrifying look. He looked like he was hit by a car.” .. Naes said Hall’s eyes were cloudy and his mouth was bloody. When he touched Hall’s shirt, Nades said he had blood on his hands.

When federal prosecutor Carrie Constantine asked what happened to Naise, lawyers disagreed, citing hearsay. However, Constantine was attacked by the defense in the first discussion. He argued that he did not remember exactly, suggesting that he might have changed his story.

Nace clearly seemed annoyed by the proposal, with her eyes rounded and her head shook. The judge dismissed the objection and Naes was able to answer.

“He told me he got his own. [a–] I was kicked by the police. ”

He further testified that the Home Office had told him about the Hall’s assault, but no one had contacted him from the IAD.

Naes was also arrested on the night of the Hall raid, and he detailed a very different experience. He said the arrest was “very professional”, with three black police officers giving clear instructions and no physical harm.

He did not reveal that he was a member of the police station until a police officer examined his backpack to find police identification and serviced Beretta. Naes had to explain why he had them.

Constantine also had Nades explain the use of force in the department, where police officers test monthly. Naes said police officers need to use the minimum force necessary at the time of arrest.

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2:45 pm Rosenblum finishes opening discussion

Rosenblum’s final argument focused primarily on Randy Hayes .. Until then, Hayes believed that his actions were justified. Mr. Hayes’ feelings began to change after a Judiciary investigation, he said.

Rosenblum said Hayes lied to the judge about Myers and said that Hayes had seen another policeman destroy the phone. But Rosenblum said the phone broke. It was a Hayes attack, and Myers said he was caught in a video that had it after being damaged.

He said “Myers” [a–]”The text is out of context, and I liken this expression to” let’s break the leg. “

2:30 pm Attorneys outline Myers’ defense efforts

Rosenblum continued Myers’ first defense, but did not turn his back on his client. did not do it What action did he take on the night of his arrest?

He said evidence showed that Myers was not involved in the arrest at all, but was walking around trying to keep the mob away from the scene. So his phone was sent over the ground to Mr. Myers’ feet.

When Rosenblum Myers picked up the phone without knowing who it belonged to and noticed that it had liquid on it (later revealed to be Hall’s blood), he said it. Thrown away.

“I didn’t know who the phone was,” Rosenbram said, adding that if Myers really wanted to destroy the device, he would have thrown it into the sewer or put it in his pocket and disposed of it later.

Instead, Rosenblum said Myers threw it near the ad. When another police officer later identified it as Hall’s, Myers reportedly picked up the phone and put it in his backpack, and the prisoner’s property was sent to the person when the prisoner was transferred. Therefore, we have made it possible to transport it together with the hall. According to Rosenbram, these actions did not indicate that Myers intended to destroy the cell phone prior to the investigation, but that he was just doing his job.

2:15 pm Rosenblum quarrels

Scott Rosenblum, an advocate of Myers, touched directly on the heart of the client’s defense.

“In this case, the lack of evidence is evidence,” Rosenbram said.

He also said that none of the more than 100 FBI interviewed during the investigation said that Myers was “quite close” to destroying the phone.

Rosenbram described the chaotic events of the night when Hall was violently arrested.

“These were riots, not peaceful protests,” he said.

1:55 pm Kilgore, opening statement

Boon’s lawyer, Patrick Kilgore, began his remarks, saying that in the case of Boon, the case began the day after Hall’s assault. He called and elaborated on how he asked for an explanation of the case, and former police officer Randy Hayes admitted that he had hit the hall to “resist the arrest.” Hayes pleaded guilty to the assault.

According to Kilgore, during the meeting, Boon told a sergeant who came during his arrest to push his head down and point it down because Hall was raising his head, and police immediately put on a flex cuff. Said.

Kilgore sincerely believes that Haze is resisting arrest until October 2019, when Boone enters the situation, how the hall was brought to the ground, or after it hits the ground. I didn’t know the background of what happened. He only knew that SWAT police wanted to arrest the two at the intersection.

“All he knew was that he thought he was participating in a legitimate arrest,” Kilgore said.

He also said Hayes would testify that Boone did not hit or hit the hole.

1:45 pm “Evidence shows intention”

Constantine concludes her opening discussion by explaining Boone and Myers’ existence in the Hall raid. The video of Hall’s cell shows two different faces of Myers.

She also emphasized a text message from Myers to another, stating that he had admitted that he had destroyed the phone in Hall, saying “the phone is on me.” T.

She concluded that Boone would show evidence of her intention to attack the protesters, admitting violence against former suspects, and her intention to attack Hall.

1:15 pm U.S. lawyer defends court

Carrie Constantin, chief prosecutor of the case, will begin court defense on Tuesday, using several text messages sent by defendants Dustin Boone and Christopher Myers to use force against protesters. Established a clear enthusiasm from the two.

Constantine explained that many police officers were assigned to civil disobedience teams for protests, that is, they were required to equip shields, helmets, guard rods, and form lines to control protesters. She also claimed that many officers were dissatisfied with the mission, but Boone and Myers enjoyed the details.

According to her, the evidence was in text message conversations with friends and other police officers.

In the case of Boone, she referred to a series of messages. The first started with a message he sent after being asked if he was participating in the CDT details.

Boone says, “Yes, I will practice walking with a stick from 9 am. [sh–] Being realistic, you’ll find that walking in a row doesn’t work as well as swinging a stick. “

He also described another officer as “the thug on our side.” [f—–s] And throw them away. “

The last message she mentioned was, “It’s so much fun to beat these. [s—heads] When the sun goes down, no one can distinguish us. “

In the case of Myers, she referred to a similar message and once again quoted the text he said to another police officer. [a–]She also said that she seemed happy with his belief that her boss was more tolerant of the use of force, and that her friends had to deal with violence against him. He pointed out that he received a disappointing email. Around the protest he replied, “Because of some illness, I am alive for this.”

Constantine explained what Hall and his white partner were doing for the undercover investigation, which was essentially recording criminal activity and uploading footage to real-time crime at the end of the night. The two eventually launched live streaming from their mobile phones so that the real-time crime center could monitor the feed more quickly.

The hall was streaming at the beginning of the attack, but the stream abruptly ended during the attack. The phone he was streaming was eventually destroyed.

‘He looked like he was hit by a car’ | Hall’s partner is first witness to take the stand in trial of 2 SLMPD officers | St. Louis News Headlines Source link ‘He looked like he was hit by a car’ | Hall’s partner is first witness to take the stand in trial of 2 SLMPD officers | St. Louis News Headlines

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