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He made love feel simple

“How do you oversleep this?” I wrote. “I can’t sleep at all.”

By convention, my fringe with a stranger was short. The man did not pay attention to my bathtub or my educational background before sex and did not stay long after that.

I went back to bed disturbed by his snoring, but his sleeping face on my pillow struck me. For the first time, the idea of ​​sharing a bed with a man did not come from pure imagination. I now had the real image of this fantasy. After Jack pretended to be my boyfriend, reached out to his face and whispered, “I love you, good night,” I fell asleep and was able to meet him somewhere in my dreams.

The next day, he took off to meet his family on holidays and in the first week of the New Year.

“Merry Crims” and I sent a text message.

“You too are a baby girl,” he replied.

After our oversleep, I wasn’t contacted by him unless I started — an unexpected change. Instead of succumbing to my anxiety that oversleeping makes little sense to him, so I make little sense, I imagined another scenario: he asked me to sleep in his place or changed Ask me or call me voluntarily while I’m in line My morning coffee. But from the beginning, I was expecting only sex, so I was embarrassed to develop my feelings.

“I miss you,” he sent a text message one random morning.


We kept in touch and met each other from time to time for several weeks. On a hot morning, he snorted behind me as I sat on the floor next to my bed and wrote my final treatise. He raised his hand on my face to let me know what was happening. Looking at the laptop screen, I took his hand, kissed his palm, and nodded to these ordinary joys. I can now view slowly and comfortably.

Longing for more than casual with him, I sought a therapist to guide me through my growing emotions.

He made love feel simple

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