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He remembered the car he wanted when he was young and bought it all and put it in his museum of memories. – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Weatherford, Oklahoma () – Most memories sit quietly somewhere in our heads, waiting for the light of memories.

Good things are not only untouched, they also give off an uncontrollable glow.

“I try to get here once a week or so,” says Arden Dorney of his private museum.

His memories are much more accessible and are stored in a large garage near Weatherford, most of which are wheeled.

“It’s packed with old cars and memories,” he laughs.

As a Northwest Classen High School student, there was always someone driving a better car than his own 1956 Ford.

The cutest girl at school had a red ’58 Chevrolet Impala.

“She was probably the most beautiful woman I’ve ever walked on the face of the planet,” he spouts.

His best friend drove a 1960 Chevrolet.

Another best friend owned the ’55 Chevy Bel Air.

His nickname was “Persephone”.

Arden wonders, “I don’t know where he got it.”

Dhoni didn’t have a lucky and wealthy friend to own a 1962 Corvette, but he overtook his current friend at Graham’s AutoSales every day.

“I always wonder if this is the same car,” he says, standing next to him.

Like Jaguar in 1959, he persuaded the salesman twice to allow a test drive.

As a teenager, and as a cop and investigator, all of these machines didn’t reach Excalibur, and this 1982 Rolls-Royce Cornish, or Eddie Murphy’s Ferrari Testarossa.

Dhoni said: “It was his personal car that I bought after making the’Beverly Hills Cop’series.

Arden was lucky and wise and had enough money to invest in his memory and park in a place where he could enjoy his extra income in real life.

“It’s all about my memory,” he says. “That’s why I call it” the corner of my heart. “

He didn’t intend to make it a museum, but he shared some of those foggy light blue youths and chrome memories with others.

All he has to do is turn on the lights and they are there.

“I enjoy them,” he says.

The “Museum of My Heart Corner” is open only by appointment.

If you are interested and Dhoni is in town, you will be asked to call (580) 595-0006 to set the time.

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