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The testimony of the fourth day of the Joseph Daniels trial continues. Click here to watch the live..

Dickson County, Tennessee (WKRN) — 8-year-old half-brother Joe Clyde Daniels On the morning of April 4, 2018, I woke up with a loud noise and met my father-in-law. Joseph Daniels As he was walking down the road with his younger brother, the child testified on Monday morning.

Alex Nolan, now 11 years old, ran for the fourth day of the trial. Joseph DanielsCharged for murdering a 5-year-old son Joe Clyde, Known as “Baby Joe”.

Joseph Daniels sits in court on the fourth day of the murder trial (Photo: WKRN)

Alex said in his testimony that Joseph Daniels’ father and stepmother were away from town, so he and Joe Clyde were sleeping in the bedroom.

When Joe Clyde urinates on the floor, Alex says he went to warn Joseph Daniels, who went into the bedroom and beat a five-year-old child.According to Alex, both brothers then went to bed. Back to.

Alex became emotional while trying to explain what happened next, and the judge began a 15-minute break.

Alex Nolan & Joseph Daniels (Photo: WKRN)

When the court was reopened, Alex woke up in the middle of the night with a rumbling noise. He was in the bedroom for a few minutes, but when he entered the living room, Joe Clyde was on the ground. I saw him fall down.

Alex went on quietly as he said he had witnessed Joseph Daniels carry Joe Clyde out of the back door of the mansion.

When Alex reached the edge of the house, Joseph Daniels put Joe Clyde on the ground, kneeled and looked around, he said. A few minutes later, Alex said he saw Joseph Daniels peeking through the corner and threatened to kill Alex “without help.”

Alex: “If I don’t help, he threatens to kill me.”

Prosecutor: “Did he threaten to kill you?”

Alex: “Okay.”

Prosecutor: “What if you didn’t help him?”

Alex: “Okay.”

Prosecutor: “Did you help him?”

Alex: “Okay.”

Prosecutor: “What did you do?”

Alex: “I tried to find what I wanted to do. I stopped by the car. I opened the door, opened the trunk and told him to do something. What was it and why he didn’t do it. I don’t know if it was. “

Prosecutor: “You opened the car door.”

Alex: “Okay.”

Prosecutor: “So, did you open the trunk?”

Alex: “Okay.”

Alex told him Joseph Daniels to go back in, but he hid and saw his stepfather go down the driveway with Joe Clyde, holding a little boy in his arms and Garners Creek. I started walking on the road.

When Alex woke up on the morning of April 4, 2018, he testified that he had heard that his brother had fled from Joseph Daniels.

Baby Joe
Joe Clyde Daniels (Photo: WKRN)

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A long-recorded interview with Alex on April 5, 2018 was then played in court.

In the conversation, Alex told Child Advocacy Center Jessica Teagert that Joseph Daniels entered the room “quietly and quietly” after Joe Clyde urinates on the floor.

Teagert summarized what he heard from Alex: “He whispered, you daddy, daddy came into the room and quietly and quietly told him to go back to bed. Then Little Joe woke up and you put him to sleep Turn off the TV and noise, then you went to sleep, but if Dad woke you up, would he be gone? “

After the video was played, lawyers cross-examined Alex and asked about changes in his story: at some point, his mother, Crystal Daniels, to ensure that the children were pushed in. He said he entered the room.

defense: “Does your testimony today mean that you are lying there?”

Alex: “Not all the time. I lied about the part where the crystal came in and pushed us in. She wasn’t really.

defense: “Did she not come to the room?

Alex: “Number. And the other part I was lying to was when he said calmly. I didn’t want to bother him, so I was trying to protect him.”

defense: “When you testified earlier, you said you saw Joseph go down the road with Joe Clyde, but how far was he? Do you know?”

Alex: “How far was he?”

defense: “Yup”

Alex: “No, I don’t know. I went home.”

defense: “When did you change the story?”

Alex: “When did the story change? I suddenly remembered that it was blocked until a few months ago.”

Baby Joe Clyde Daniels-Joseph Daniels
(Photo: WKRN / Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

Joseph Daniels reports Joe Clyde Missing on the morning of April 4, 2018, the boy said he had fled his family’s home. Joseph Daniels admitted in a four-hour recorded confession that he had fatally injured his son., Suffering from autism and was non-verbal.

Jake Rockart, a lawyer representing Joseph Daniels, said he confessed.Was later withdrawn and forced, but the judge determined that it could be used as evidence during the trial.

The body of Joe Clyde Daniels has not been found.

Joseph Daniels and Crystal Daniels
Joseph Daniels and Crystal Daniels (Courtesy of Dickson County Sheriff’s Office)

The Joseph Daniels trial, which began last Thursday afternoon, will take place for about two weeks. The jury was selected from Chattanooga, and the judge said that all 12 juries and four substitutes had never heard of the name “Baby Joe.”

Joseph Daniels has been charged with five charges, including first-class murder and falsification of evidence. He was imprisoned in Nashville but transferred to Dixon County prison during the trial.

According to investigators, his wife, Crystal Daniels, witnessed a deadly beating, but went to bed instead of helping her son. She was charged with serious child abuse and neglect and was tried separately from her husband. It’s a schedule.

News 2 has livestreaming Joseph Daniels Trial Report At Josh Breslow Will participate News 2 legal expert Glover Collins Provides an analysis of the trial from the opening statement to the judgment.

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