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“He was a solid citizen” – The Denver Post – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Dave Winfield has played for 22 seasons in his Hall of Fame career with hundreds of Major League Baseball teammates.

on Tuesday, At the Playball Park in the Denver Convention Center, Winfield spoke during a Q & A session asked by young fans: Who was your best friend in baseball?

Winfield has paused. He played for 30 years (1973-95) with six teams: Padres, Yankees, Angels, Blue Jays, Twins and Indians. But his answer must please Colorado’s longtime sports enthusiasts.

“Don Baylor,” said Winfield.

Baylor, the first manager in Rocky’s history, played the 19MLB season, including three years as a teammate with Winfield in New York. The pair forged a strong bond as an established star later in their playing career.

“We did philanthropy,” Winfield said. “We were married at the same level.”

Baylor later managed the Rocky Mountains for six seasons. He led the team to the first playoffs in 1995 and was awarded the NL Manager of the Year. Baylor died of cancer in 2017..

“He was a solid citizen,” Winfield said.

Winfield was a Yankees outfielder and talked about his glorious days with Baylor and Ken Griffey Sr. Winfield, who played for the Blue Jays in 1983, said seagulls often landed before the field match while the players were warming up.

It all turned out that the prank didn’t work.

“I saw a bird, I saw Don Baylor, and I threw it in that direction,” Winfield said. “I thought the birds would fly away. But it was short hops, skips, and boos: the feathers flew everywhere. It’s gone. They took the birds outdoors and every time I joined the game people I was booing. “

At the end of the game, local police were waiting for Winfield.

“Someone submitted a report: animal cruelty,” Winfield said. “They took me to the police station, and they had Exhibit A on the table.”

“He was a solid citizen” – The Denver Post Source link “He was a solid citizen” – The Denver Post

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