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Massachusetts Health Connector adopted what its executive director described as a “significant step” towards improving customer service on Thursday, highlighting an agreement on call center planning and design work this summer.

“We need to improve our membership services, which we have clearly heard from our members,” Secretary-General Louis Gutierrez said at a livestreamed board meeting.

The board approved what Gutierrez described as a “short-term letter deal” with Accenture, with a cap of $ 3.4 million.

He said the payments made under the contract would be “credited to the overall implementation of the proposed platform and service components, which would avoid long-term vendor lock-ins. Includes controlled customer relationship management with useful connector ownership.-Every time you renew, renew, or restock a contract, you experience the pain and confusion inherent in vendor migration. “

Gutierrez said the plan included a tight and ambitious schedule.

“In general, it can take months to implement a contact center improvement, and the annual open registration process is the point where most members interact with HealthConnector most importantly,” he said. “We would like to start a significant improvement plan in time for the 2022 open registration, which will open for shopping on November 1st.”

Connector and Accenture are also negotiating the basis for longer-term contracts, Gutierrez said.

The connector has worked with Accenture before, Contract with the company Last fall, he oversaw and supplemented customer service staff when call center vendor Faneuil encountered what Gutierrez described as a “total problem,” such as absenteeism, turnover, recruitment, and training issues. A time when the pandemic and the resulting surge in unemployment increased interest in health insurance options.

According to a presentation submitted by Gutierrez to the board, Connector was “not a little attracted to Accenture’s proposal because it is familiar with the needs of Health Connector’s contact center and back office, based on the support services it provided in the fall of 2020. Evaluation, additional staff trained to act as customer service agents, and management advice. Some of these continue to this day. “

The Board also approved amendments to lower the deductible limits for individuals and families under the minimum credible coverage criteria in response to changes in the federal metrics used by the connector. Index those caps..

The Coverage Standard sets out the plans that most Massachusetts residents must obtain to comply with the risks of facing state health insurance laws or tax penalties.

The standard includes an annual deduction cap, and in March Connector approved a $ 2,850 personal medical deduction limit and a $ 5,700 family medical deduction limit in 2022. Thursday’s vote will reduce these limits to $ 2,750 and $ 5,500, respectively.

Due to the pandemic-related extension, the general enrollment period, which began on November 1, 2020, continues, and Massachusetts residents will be able to enroll in health insurance through the connector until July 23, 2021.

According to Gutierrez, those eligible for the connector will benefit from federal law provisions known as the U.S. Relief Program, including the eligibility for the first grant to those who earn more than 400% of federal poverty levels. It is said that there is.

“Since April, the number of subscribers to plans that include federal tax credit support has increased by 11,000, an increase of about 60 percent in just two months,” he said. “In addition, 60% of the 194,000 Connector Care members, more than 115,000, have lower monthly premiums than before, as the US rescue program has made coverage more affordable, which was already characterized by very low premiums. I’m paying. “

New benefits launched by Connector this week will allow unemployed people this year to receive Connector Care coverage for a premium of $ 0 from July to the end of 2021. He recommended that anyone receiving unemployment benefits this year get health insurance through the connector.

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Health Connector aims to tighten up customer service – Boston News, Weather, Sports Source link Health Connector aims to tighten up customer service – Boston News, Weather, Sports

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