Health, Education Labor and Pensions Committee chair rebukes Senator Rand Paul for ‘harmful misrepresentations’ at historic confirmation hearing for Rachel Levine – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-02-26 06:58:01 –

Washington DC-Senate Confirmation Hearing is ongoing and President Joe Biden is elected by Dr. Rachel Levine, Assistant Health Secretary, who will make history as the first transgender federal official confirmed by the Senate. It was done.

Democratic Senator Patty Murray, chair of the Health Education and Labor Pensions Commission, accused Republican Senator Rand Paul after appearing to equate sex reassignment surgery with “genital resection.”

Paul began asking, “Genital resection is almost universally criticized,” and continued, “Dr. Levine, do you think minors can make life-changing decisions that change gender?” I did.

Levine said, “Transgender medicine is a very complex and sensitive area, and strong research and standard treatments have been developed. Fortunately, if confirmed as Assistant Secretary of Health, I look forward to working with you. And come to your office and your office to discuss the details of standard treatments in transgender medicine. “

Murray then criticized the line of questions and told Levine: “Thanks for your thoughtful and medically informed answer to Senator Paul’s question early in the hearing. Our candidates are treated with respect, and our question. Is very important to me. Focus on their qualifications and our previous work, rather than the ideological and harmful misrepresentations I heard from Senator Paul earlier. I’m on this committee. Focus on it as chair. “

A hearing to consider Levine’s nomination took place on the same day. House voted to pass equality lawAmends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in access to public facilities such as employment, housing, other services, and restaurants.

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer addressed some of the “sneaky comments made by several Republicans about transgender people” unnamed Thursday afternoon. “Their attacks on transgender people in the transgender community are just meaning. They are average,” New York Democrats sternly said. “And show a lack of complete understanding, a complete lack of empathy. They do not represent the views of ours, nor the views of the majority of Americans. Their sneaky comments I boil my blood with anger. I have a mask that allows me to see my teeth clenched, “he said at a press conference prior to passing the House of Equality.

Levine was previously the Secretary of Health and Welfare of Pennsylvania under the Democratic Party of Japan’s Tom Wolfe administration.

“Dr. Rachel Levin is essential with the steady leadership needed to overcome this pandemic and meet public health needs, regardless of zip code, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. It brings expertise to our country during this critical moment and beyond. ” Biden said in a statement on the nomination at the time of the announcement. “She is a historic and deeply qualified choice to help lead our administration’s health efforts.”

A hearing at the Senate Health Education and Labor Pensions Commission is also considering the appointment of Dr. Vivek Mercy as US Surgeon President, the role Mercy played under the Obama administration.

As President of Surgeons under President Barack Obama, Mercy helped lead the national response to the Ebola virus and Zika virus and opioid crises, among other health challenges. If confirmed, Mercy will be ready to play an important role in the Biden administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

This week, many candidates for the Biden administration faced a Senate confirmation hearing, including Attorney General Merrick Garland, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, and Secretary of Health and Welfare Xavier Besera.

So far, nine of Biden’s 23 cabinet-level candidates requiring Senate approval have been identified, according to CNN Tracker. But one notable nomination-Biden’s choice, Neera Tanden, who heads the Office of Management and Budget-is at stake in the face of bipartisan opposition.

Levine is not the only historic choice for the Biden administration.

Earlier this month, the Senate appointed Alejandro Mallorcus as Secretary of Homeland Security, the first Latino American and immigrant to be the Secretary of Homeland Security, and Pete Butigeg as Secretary of Transportation, making it the first LGBTQ Chief Cabinet Secretary confirmed by the Senate. did.

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Health, Education Labor and Pensions Committee chair rebukes Senator Rand Paul for ‘harmful misrepresentations’ at historic confirmation hearing for Rachel Levine Source link Health, Education Labor and Pensions Committee chair rebukes Senator Rand Paul for ‘harmful misrepresentations’ at historic confirmation hearing for Rachel Levine

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