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Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-07-28 00:04:17 –

Positive COVID tests and hospitalizations are on the rise in Green Country. Health experts say the delta variant is a big reason.

“This delta variant has a large number of viruses in the nose and respiratory system,” said Dr. Jennifer Rudd, an expert on respiratory infections. Community, now. “

Not only are delta mutants more susceptible to infection than other COVID strains, but they are also more difficult to detect, Rudd said.

She said the main symptoms were runny nose, headache and sore throat. This is a similar symptom associated with seasonal allergies and common colds.

“It may look like a cold early on, so you need to detect it early so that you don’t spread it to others,” Rudd said.

But finding a COVID test is not as easy as it used to be.

According to the Johns Hopkins Medical Coronavirus Resource Center, the 7-day moving average for the May test was about 5,000. In June and July, most of the time, we are below 2,000 tests each week.

“It may have been abundant, but it may have shrunk now, and it is needed again,” said state epidemiologist Jorian Stone.

According to Stone, the Oklahoma Department of Health and the District Department of Health are working to make the COVID test accessible to those who are trying to make an appointment.

It may be more difficult to test, but Rudd said it’s still there. She suggests calling her family doctor or making an appointment at a drive-through pharmacy.

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Health expert suggests frequent testing for Delta variant Source link Health expert suggests frequent testing for Delta variant

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